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information about building a Shredder machine

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Mila Di miladiemel

information about building a Shredder machine

17/09/2019 at 05:08

Hi Guys!

Currently I am in Surakarta (Indonesia) for my internship. I am in my third year of my bachelor for watermanagement in Rotterdam. I am planning to do a project with cleaning up the drainage system and recycle the plastic that I collect. I want to work with the inhabitants of my study area. For this, I was thinking about building a shredder machine, but I have no experience with that. Is there someone who has build the machine before? How much time does it take and is it easy or hard? I am also in a developing country so maybe that will be a difficulty also?

I hope you will share some tips and tricks with me 🙂

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17/09/2019 at 05:32

The shredder itself does not recycle plastic it just turns plastic into microplastic, Have you already built one of the recycling machines? Not all of them require microplastic to operate.

The shredder is potentially the hardest of the PP machines to build. There are builders in the PP bazar that can provide either parts or complete machines depending on your budget and skills.

Good luck

17/09/2019 at 06:11

Hi! thank you for your reaction 🙂
Actually, no,  i have never build one before. So I am really in the orientation fase of my project. Okay, maybe i will consider another machine. and find out how much time it takes…

17/09/2019 at 07:04

If you have not already, take a look through the PP bazar https://bazar.preciousplastic.com/?category=products and see what types of products people are making with the different machines. It may give you an idea what might be useful in your area.

A lot of it will depend on whether you have access to a mechanical shop.

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