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Injection machine

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Ben A bennialt

Injection machine

22/08/2019 at 07:11

Short dumb question: Do i need a shredder before i build an injection machine or can i cut platic by Hand ? If yes what size should the pieces have ?
Thank you,

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In reply to: Injection machine

22/08/2019 at 08:07

That’s what I do. The piece size is whatever fits. I start with long strips and compress with the piston. As the cylinder fills up I move to shorter pieces. Top off with flakes smaller than the diameter. I use large needle nose pliers to feed the plastic in. When building the injection machine (I have an arbor press based machine, not the PP design), plan for access.  Expect a longer melt time with a number of compaction strokes before you are ready for the mold. The nozzle is blocked or capped during this process.

If you are going for interesting color patterns, I use mixed flakes about a couple of square centimeters or so. Worth experimenting.

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