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Injection machine in Barcelona.


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Esferica talleresferica

Injection machine in Barcelona.

20/01/2016 at 16:41

Hello everyone!

Thanks Dave for this nice platform you have created!

We are two industrial designers (Aniol and Marc) and we are working on TallerEsfèrica, a project we started about a year ago in Barcelona, Spain. Our webpage is only in Catalan so far, but for now…google translate works like a charm (kind of). We hope this goes on and we get to a point where proper translation to Spanish and English is needed.

We have two aims with this project: 1. Designing products that help to reduce the problems of waste-generation by being durable, reparable and easily manageable once their useful lives are over. 2. Conducting educational workshops for kids and adults pointing out how important it is to choose the right products at the time of purchase.

During these workshops attendants produce a product that exemplifies the theory we explain at the beginning. This way the comprehension of the knowledge offered is probably higher, since we find making things by ourselves is one of the biggest lacks of today’s western societies. To make the product we thought that the injection machine was perfect, since it allows you to make functional products that can be taken home and used by the attendants really fast.
So, we built one and now we are happy to show the results. We will post some stuff on the “machine development” section. Hopefully someone will find this info useful if they embarked in a project that need building these machines.

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21/01/2016 at 11:14

Great to see you guys here! Looking forward seeing more about the wonderful machine you guys build– also loved the water filter. Super nice mold!

03/05/2016 at 14:18

Hello from Barcelona!

Aniol we meet at OSCEDAYS in Barcelona.

We have a little workshop with tools and a good cnc milling machine hamdcrafted with good precision (0,01mm), welder and others…

We are working now in the electronic part, trying to do something good with simple motors. This week I’m going to visit some raw material shops to have a good pricing.

If someone in Spain or Barcelona would like someone to build the machines or want to build them in our workshop with us, just let us know.
We have a facebook page of our workshop: https://www.facebook.com/espaimecanismes/?fref=nf

Everyone is welcome!!!

Hola Aniol y Marc!

Aniol nos conocimos en los OSCEDAYS.

Tenemos un pequeño taller en Barcelona con herramientas, un CNC que hemos fabricado nosotros mismos con buena precision (0,01mm), soldadora…

Acabamos de empezar a construir las máquinas. Estamos trabajando en la parte electrónica, buscando motores y materiales.

Si alguien quiere que les fabriquemos las máquinas o las quiere construir en nuestro taller con asistencia y herramientas, todo el mundo es bienvenido en nuestro espacio!

Tenemos una página de facebook para más info: https://www.facebook.com/espaimecanismes/?fref=nf

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