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Injection Mods: Wall, Hopper, Thermocouple

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Thor digital-thor

Injection Mods: Wall, Hopper, Thermocouple

12/08/2019 at 07:54

Excited to be done with the mechanical work.  Along the way, I built a few variations that may be helpful to others.
1) Created a hopper funnel out of HVAC duct pipe (since I didn’t want to risk  distortion by welding more mounts to the the barrel). Wear thick gloves when working with this tinny material since edges are sharp until you fold them over.  I also added aluminum tape just to be safe.
2) To mount the thermo-couples (TC), I used a 1.5 inch length of square tube, but split it in two U-shaped parts.  Then drilled each and tapped for the TC.  I filed and sanded the pipe so that it had a level landing surface for each TC.  Then I mounted the U-shaped pieces to the barrel using hose clamps.  Finally, I screwed in the TCs with a bit of thermal compound on the ends.  The U-shaped mounts keep the TCs centered nicely over the pipe.
3) Added a pedestal for support to the floor. See photo.
Time to work on the electrical controller now…  🙂

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