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Injection Mold, using Wood-plastic composite

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Erik Vernooij erikvern

Injection Mold, using Wood-plastic composite

17/12/2018 at 13:09

Hi all,

I am currently working on a project where I want to make a handle for a product out of Wood-Plastic Composite (WPC). The idea is to create a mold that can be used with the injection molds from Precious Plastics.

The problem we have is the creation of the mold itself. The WPC has to be heated to 200C so finding a soutable material for the mold is difficult.

We are currently considering molds out of plaster, epoxy, clay.

Does anyone have advice for a cheap option? that can be created without heavy machinery.

I hope to hear from you!
– Erik

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07/01/2019 at 09:45

If the part you wish to create is simple enough, like a bowl or similar, steel is by far the best suited material. it can be created by simply welding pieces of steel together and polishing them afterwards, it is also by far the most durable mold material readily available for the public.

07/01/2019 at 16:58

the only way at moulding is the aluminium..
all the rest working just for few times:(

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