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injection molding – blending of EVA + PP


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Lori gargamel

injection molding – blending of EVA + PP

13/03/2018 at 03:26

Hello from a newbie! I do not have any plastics expertise so please forgive me.

I have developed a product but it is having manufacturing problems and I haven’t been able to find a solution.

My product requires an EVA masterbatch to be blended with flame retardant PP for injection molding. (This is an electrical product and I am not the manufacturer.:))

I know that EVA is polar and PP is non-polar but, the masterbatch I’m trying to use is marketed as compatible with almost all polymers, including a “good” rating with PP.

The EVA only needs to be 5% of the total construction with FR-PP being 95%. However, when the molds come out, almost all of them have surface cracks which makes them un-usable.

If anybody has any advice on how to blend EVA with FR-PP I would really appreciate it!

I’ve read about using PPMA & EVAOH compatibilizers but I really doubt my manufacture would consider using another additive.

Is this my only option or would there be any other solutions?

Thanks so much!

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