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Injection Moulding Machine Built in Rural India


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Aniruddha ani0555

Injection Moulding Machine Built in Rural India

20/03/2017 at 07:35

I’m posting here on the behalf of the maker community at Vigyan Ashram, Pabal, India.
I happened to visit the place last weekend and stumbled upon a Precious Plastics Injection Machine.
What made it rather incredible is that this place is the worlds only rural FabLab, tackling mostly rural challenges. It is located 60 kilometers away from the nearest city. It mainly functions as a skill training space for rural youth who may not have completed formal education but was also the first FabLab outside the USA. It just amazes me how many people this project has reached. Most trainees here may not even be able to point out The Netherlands on a map.

It was constructed by two girls who study here. Suvarna from India and Than from Thailand. I wasn’t able to meet them in person but one of their collegues obliged to pose with the machine and a workshop mentor was happy to share with me their plans for the machine. It appears that the students may have been a bit shy to share it here so I asked them if I could do it.

Next, they plan to make a shredder and mould for educational toys. So far the machine has been used more as an extruder.

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28/03/2017 at 13:07

Awesome to hear this @ani0555. Nice to see the project made its way deep into the rural areas. Do you have more pictures?

01/04/2017 at 12:20

Sorry mate, I didn’t take any more pictures.

I’ll try and get them in touch with you directly or here on the forum. They did mention that they were having a hard time building a Shredder.

PS. thanks for the mention in the video. much appreciated 🙂


01/04/2017 at 13:10

@ani0555 i can help then with the shredder. if they want they can contact me

05/04/2017 at 18:07

Hey Sagar,
Thanks for the offer. I shall definitely keep you in the loop.


17/04/2017 at 21:44

What kind of Mold do you use?

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