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Injection moulding machine design (need feedback!)

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Peter-Bas Schelling peter-bas

Injection moulding machine design (need feedback!)

15/03/2018 at 10:09

Hello Guys,

Last summer i designed and made an advanced injection moulding machine design, after building the precious plastics machines a couple of times. This machine includes a clamping unit to make production more easy. It works pretty well, and since then i got some nice reactions on it.

Now my idea is further develop this machine, and make it more or less mass producable to make such a machine more affordable for all! I also want to make the barrel interchangeble for more flexibility and eventually make the (now hand-driven) machine more automated. But i need all of your help to get to know the exact needs of people from the precious plastics community.

I made a survey with some questions which would guide me for the new design. It’s in the link below and i hope that as much people as possible would be able to fill it in for me. I will be forever thankfull! Also leave your e-mail for more info or contact me: [email protected]

This is the link to the survey:

Groetjes Peter-Bas

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