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Injection or Compression? (Making a photo frame)

Benjamin bengn

Injection or Compression? (Making a photo frame)

22/01/2020 at 02:07

Hi guys, Im about to build my first machine and I hope you could give me some guidance in order to pick the perfect machine.

I’m relatively new to this forum, but I already have read a lot about this two machines and still not sure about which one to pick.

My purpose is to make relatively small plastic products, in this case I want to make a photo frame (15x15x1cm) and I believe the best option is to go for the injection machine, because is faster than the compression oven but my fear is that once I start injecting the plastic into the mould it would cool down to quickly and it won’t be able to fill the entire frame mould.

I read that the maximum volume that can be injected at a time is 193 cm3 which doesn’t match my requirements (225cm3).

It would be an option to increase the diameter of the tube of the injector?, or should I go for the compression oven?

Thanks guys!! 🙂

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