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Injection Pressure inside the mould

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Juan Ignacio juancalogero

Injection Pressure inside the mould

02/08/2019 at 00:04


Hi there! I’m trying to calculate some parameters of the injection machine and have some trouble when calculating the injection machine. I’ve read that 300 to 900 bar are needed inside the mould, but how do manual injection machines achieve that pressure?

Thanks a lot

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02/08/2019 at 01:22

I don’t think the molds used with PP machines require that much pressure. What the machine can achieve is nothing more than the leverage ratio provided by the machine geometry, times the your arm strength (or body weight) divided by the area of the piston. I have an arbor based machine (different from the standard PP machine) that has a leverage ratio somewhere above 30. I can readily apply 500 N of force and my piston is about 13 sq cm so I should be creating around 114 bar. That is for my large volume barrel. I also have a second, smaller hot end that has  about 2.4 times less area so with that, I could approach the bottom end of your range but with less injection volume…..All assuming I did my math and conversions right.

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