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Injector Tips

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Zach Peter zachpeter

Injector Tips

03/01/2019 at 18:48

Hello all,

I’m currently a high school senior located in Connecticut, USA. My problem-solving class is looking to change the way our school treats plastic waste. My partner and I have been tasked with learning the ins and outs of the injection machine.

Before we get started, I was wondering if anyone has any tips, tricks, or lessons they would like to share in order to streamline our construction process. I’m also interested in any suggestions regarding potential augmentations to the machine.

Thanks in advance!


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In reply to: Injector Tips

06/01/2019 at 05:31

I would recommend that you just build it!  Every mold, part and machine will be unique and require tweaks to make good parts. Those tweaks will be unique to each batch of plastic as well. Making plastic parts is not like cutting metal. It will be quite challenging. Please allow yourself a lot of time to get good parts.

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