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Inkbird PID info.

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Inkbird PID info.

15/11/2019 at 07:00

What is the easiest PID controller to use ,   I have a Inkbird 100 vh  having trouble going over 105 f.

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16/11/2019 at 20:21

Do you have a picture of your PID/SSR/TC/heater set-up? I use the really cheap Berme units that often come in a PID/SSR/Thermocouple kit and they work fine. From the specs, it looks like the Inkbird is maybe a step up from that.

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16/11/2019 at 20:56

what trouble ? it’s an excellent PID – did you run auto-tune already ? It’s in the manual.

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17/11/2019 at 16:21

I was only running 110 not 220 so I was only getting half power to my heaters .   Thanks

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