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Inspiring movies to watch

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Dave Hakkens davehakkens

Inspiring movies to watch

15/03/2017 at 00:16

I’m not really into books, more of a video guy. And i’m a big fan of watching documentaries. Mainly the ones that are about problems in the world, food, fashion, plastic, consumerism, bank systems etc. This is huge source of inspiration for my projects. I get triggered by this and to try and come up with a solution. Over the years i’ve watched quite a few good and bad ones. In this post I will share the ones i’ve seen, liked and think are relevant to watch.

I’m sure you have seen some of them as well. And i’m always up for seeing new ones. If you have seen a good one that I should watch post it in the comments and press the heart on others to filter good ones ❤️


🌍 Big picture stuff
Venus project ⚡️
Cosmos Space Odyssey ⚡️

Daily bread ⚡️
Fed Up ⚡️
King Corn
Food inc
Fat sick nearly death
Supersize me
Jiri dream sushi

Story of Stuff ⚡️
Manufactured landscapes ⚡️
An inconvenient truth
Planet earth
How to change the world
The lightbulb conspiracy

– Addicted to plastic
Plastic planet
Bag it

True cost ⚡️

Wild Wild Country ⚡️

The spirit science youtube channel  ⚡️
Exit through the giftshop ⚡️
Black mirror ⚡️
Inside Job
Capitalism a love story
AFK, the pirate bay



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19/03/2017 at 23:08

Nice! Many new movies on my to-watch list now, thanks!
Just watched another interesting one: Tomorrow

20/03/2017 at 16:48

Mission blue – a documentary about the great oceanographer Sylvia Earle, such a beautiful and inspiring movie about how the oceans changed in the last 50 years.

Chasing ice – “the story of one man’s mission to change the tide of history by gathering undeniable evidence of our changing planet” by photographing how the big glaciers of our planet are quickly melting down.

Catching the sun – not very beautifully taken, but effective in the content. About the solar energy: a clean energy, a way to decrease unemployment, a huge investment for the countries (like China..).

Thanks for sharing your movies, good idea!

31/03/2017 at 17:42

The future of cities , I really like this one.

And i totaly agree with katharinaelleke Demain-le film is a great one


01/04/2017 at 00:17

The Smog of The Sea – Incredibly shot, beautiful music, and impressively relaxing. Follows a research cruise as they explore the world of microplastics.

Plastic Paradise – Documentary following a reporter as she demystifies the idea of a “Great Pacific Garbage Patch,” explores plastic, BPA, and their history, and more.

01/04/2017 at 20:31

Hi guys!

A few months ago a came across this documentary about japanese woodworking and I love it! Hope you guys like it too
Building Without Nails The Genius of Japanese Carpentry

09/04/2017 at 20:00

Nice list!!, Thanks for share!

I also recomend “Waste Land”, a British-Brazilian documentary film that mix art, human collaboration, recyclable materials and transformation.

I send a big hug for all the community of this amazing project!

19/04/2017 at 08:36

Before the Flood is also worth checking out

26/04/2017 at 14:04

Yesterday, I’ve watched Billions in Change. I let you enjoy ! What saddens me is that there is nothing open-source currently… But I’m sure we can replicate some of their stuff ! I think I’m gonna open a new topic about it.

28/04/2017 at 08:14

Great list! Lots on there that I still need to watch.

With regards to food Carnage is a pretty funny but also enlightening mockumentary. Also What the Health is next up on my list.

In terms of the ‘bigger picture’ I’ve heard that Hypernormalisation is very good, if a little out there. I’m yet to watch it myself though.

With regards to the incredible beauty of the world, and for a really aesthetically pleasing watch check out Baraka and Samsara.

11/05/2017 at 16:10

University of California has been launching series of interesting short video’s on environmental topics which I found quite interesting! There’s still 2 video’s to be launched but I liked the first 4 a lot.
All videos can be seen here:

28/05/2017 at 09:20

@luisbuenfil The video took me all the way to the eco friendly days!

02/06/2017 at 11:20

The light Bulb Conspiracy

08/06/2017 at 12:19

The most toxic place in America. Reveals the arrogance & stupidity of man.

The most hated man in Britain. “Interesting” perspective of a fearful business tycoon. Amoral & influential, Nicholas van Hoogstraten is alleged to be the biggest private landholder in Zimbabwe. Definitely a case of knowing the mentality of people you may encounter and be competing against.

27/07/2017 at 16:48

The Cove

11/08/2017 at 12:25


I agree with you, Mission Blue was such and inspiration and I would highly recommend watching Chasing coralfrom the same creators of Chasing Ice, by the name you could guess it talks about the importance of conserving coral reefs due to their critical status, with an amazing footage and a very emotional plot.

And for all plastic lovers A plastic Ocean is an incredible mind changing documentary as well as Platic China.

Greetings from the Maldives!


22/09/2017 at 03:07

Hi guys, have a look for this one, i think there is some idea for you
: Garbage Warrior

Eco architecture recycling garbage material for buid houses…


22/09/2017 at 10:43

Frozen planet! It’s the same as planet earth but is about the north and south pole. It’s on netflix.

06/11/2017 at 00:25


11/12/2017 at 15:27

Watched Samsara @ameliabug, what a beautiful movie!
Seen the The light Bulb Conspiracy a few years ago @dinaaamin. Totally forgot to list here! It belongs on the list!

11/12/2017 at 16:00

Hey @davehakkens! I’m really glad you enjoyed it.

I’m loving following what you guys have come up with for Precious Plastics 3, it’s brilliant!

I’m excited to integrate recycled plastic products into my own business when I move home next year.

Also, everyone, the new series of Blue Planet II from the BBC highlights the overabundance and effects of marine plastics. I may be a biased brit, but everyone David Attenborough has done is excellent!

08/05/2018 at 23:32

New one for the list, available on Netflix. Absolutely love it. Wild Wild Country 

09/05/2018 at 10:04

Absolutely love it.

Be careful with this “guru” Osho. Drugs, sexual promiscuity, lie and false… And money, money, money – only profit  as a personal goal.


16/05/2018 at 20:00

I don’t think it’s on Netflix anymore, but Gaslands is one of my favorites. It’s about fracking across the United States. While natural gas is being projected as the new “greener” energy source, the method of getting it–fracking, is the opposite of environmentally friendly. It’s worth the watch

25/05/2018 at 21:15

New one for the list, available on Netflix. Absolutely love it. Wild Wild Country

@davehakkens I’ve only seen 1 episode so far but I have to ask. Is this where you came up with the idea for project kamp? :p

25/05/2018 at 23:49

haha no i had the idea in my head for years @siemenc, however it definitely provided an inspiration boost. Aiming for a better end though 😉

13/06/2018 at 14:57

“Beautiful things”, Giorgio Ferrero and Federico Biasin.

It’s an AMAZING documentary (not in the classical sense), about consumerism. How to majestically convey meaning through art.


07/07/2018 at 11:59

Hey everyone! I love ‘I Am’ (2010), it’s an American documentary film written, directed, and narrated by Tom Shadyac.

Shadyac is the comedy director behind Jim Carrey movies like Bruce Almighty. The film asks the question: “What is wrong with the world, and what can we do about it?”, and explores Shadyac’s personal journey after a bicycle accident in 2007 that led him to the answers “the nature of humanity”, “the world’s ever-growing addiction to materialism”, and “human connections”.

Then there’s the documentary ‘The Corporation’ (2003)

“”The Corporation” is a must-see documentary for anyone concerned about the enormous influence of multinational corporations on just about every facet of our existence.”</i>

– Brian Costello – Full review

“In great detail, this Oscar-winning documentary explains how the same amendment that ended slavery after the Civil War also declared corporations to be “people” in the 19th century and how, if corporations are indeed people, they most closely resemble psychotics in their regard for others and the world around them.”

07/08/2018 at 01:00

Hey guys, not directly connected to the topic but it’s definitely worth a movie: if u don’t know yet try out Ecosia, it’s an alternative search engine that plants trees with every search. Easy way to make an impact

08/08/2018 at 04:20

thank you for the nice gift 🙂 i’m still in searching inspiring movies session.. those helps a lot..

27/08/2018 at 12:42

I would suggest this website!

It has a list of very great great documentaries.

The unfortunate thing is that you have to find the English versions in there or on youtube!


– Ricardo Semler – A new vision on corporative structures with the focus on giving employees more independence


– Thomas Rau – Architect – Circulair Economy – Personal favourite! (Not a movie) Presentation about a different economical structure.


Radio Lab – Awesome Podcasts! –

Example: the strange world of the Darknet


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