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Inspiring movies to watch

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Dave Hakkens davehakkens

Inspiring movies to watch

15/03/2017 at 00:16

I’m not really into books, more of a video guy. And i’m a big fan of watching documentaries. Mainly the ones that are about problems in the world, food, fashion, plastic, consumerism, bank systems etc. This is huge source of inspiration for my projects. I get triggered by this and to try and come up with a solution. Over the years i’ve watched quite a few good and bad ones. In this post I will share the ones i’ve seen, liked and think are relevant to watch.

I’m sure you have seen some of them as well. And i’m always up for seeing new ones. If you have seen a good one that I should watch post it in the comments and press the heart on others to filter good ones ❤️


🌍 Big picture stuff
Venus project ⚡️
Cosmos Space Odyssey ⚡️

Daily bread ⚡️
Fed Up ⚡️
King Corn
Food inc
Fat sick nearly death
Supersize me
Jiri dream sushi

Story of Stuff ⚡️
Manufactured landscapes ⚡️
An inconvenient truth
Planet earth
How to change the world
The lightbulb conspiracy

– Addicted to plastic
Plastic planet
Bag it

True cost ⚡️

Wild Wild Country ⚡️

The spirit science youtube channel  ⚡️
Exit through the giftshop ⚡️
Black mirror ⚡️
Inside Job
Capitalism a love story
AFK, the pirate bay



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30/08/2018 at 05:35

How about Wall-E?! A bleak outlook on what could be humanity’s future could be if we continue on this route. I always joke that we are working on Wall-E 1.0, so what does that mean for all the people running around on hoverboards? 😉

Also something with a little mix message that got my feelings all jumbled up is
Penn and Teller Bullshit! S02 Ep05
some of the data is misleading, though still needs to be added to the conversation.

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