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Insulating extruder pipe from frame /Netherlands

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Peter Dick peterdick

Insulating extruder pipe from frame /Netherlands

22/11/2019 at 12:06

Hi I’m a student from The Netherlands and i’ve finished making an extruder but there are a lot of things that can be improved.
One of those things is quite important because i keep burning myself on the frame that gets hot because everything is made out of steel or aluminium so they conduct their heat. I’m going to put a sort of frame over the pipe but this doesnt stop the conduction to other parts of the whole machine.

Now my question is: what do you guys use as an insulator for the pipe so the heat does not conduct to other parts of the frame.


Peter Dick

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22/11/2019 at 21:33

Since you are using a modular frame, maybe switch to the more typical cantilevered configuration by moving the outboard support just to the left of the hopper. You can then wrap the hot end as shown in the @kaboom photo. If that does not reduce the burns enough, you can start adding thermal isolation to the support path. You can also cover the hot portions of the frame with wood so it does not burn you.

The number of heater bands is an interesting topic. I wonder if you can add a probe into the PID to monitor the duty cycle once the system is at temperature.

Yes, very nice build

23/11/2019 at 01:59

Ok, here is my thought.  I haven’t built one yet, so take it for what its worth.  Wrap the barrel in exhaust wrap. They use it to wrap headers and exhaust pipes on motorcycles and cars. This will limit the heat lost to the environment.  Second, loosen the barrel to deck bolts and install fiberglass rope, or some slices of additional wrap, between the deck and the support assembly.  This would limit heat transfer to just the fasteners.

29/11/2019 at 11:45

Hi @s2019 and @trapperdaf,

First of all thanks for the response to my question and even if you haven’t built one yet you seem like you know enough to do so.now I have done a couple of things to my build and one of them is I’ve moved one of my supports back a bit and placed a piece of wood that I had previously made on a lathe but didnt need anymore, I would like to eventualy place a nice piece that fits well under it but for now this is fine. To stop myself from burning I’ve ordered an aluminium frame with holes in it so you can see ”through” the frame and it will go all around the machine (image when it arrives).  another addition is I put the PID controlls in a wall of my frame instead of having them lay around inside of it. (image in this message). now for the last thing i’ve done is that i will put a ventilation fan on the aluminium frame that I have ordered with a tube that goes to a window or in some way will go outside and take the sucked up air with it. because the smell and fumes of PP may not be immediatly bad for you it’s still not great working with it for a long time.

Greeting from The Netherlands,


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