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Inyection machine modification

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Federico Gimenez fjgimenez

Inyection machine modification

16/01/2017 at 17:58

Hi, I am starting a project to create 10 kg weight kits out of recycled plastic bottles. We are going to make everything out of plastic (the bar, 500gr weights and 1 kg weights), with the possibility of make 2 kg weights in the future. This means that we need a machine that is capable of inyecting at least 1 kg of PET at once. Does anyone know hoy much capacity does the precious plastic inyector originally have? This information will make it easier to modify the dimensions in order to get to the capacity needed.

For more information about our project to understand better what I am talking about, feel free to visit our facebook site. Any comments and suggestions about our project are also welcome 😉


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17/01/2017 at 05:13

maybe you should try with compression machine to make item with 100gr< item

17/01/2017 at 14:03

Those are going to be some BIG weights and the bar will probably bend, might be good for comedy value!

You would have to make the injector at least 6x bigger to produce a 1kg dumbbell plate.

What about just using plastic bottles full of sand?

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