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Is biodegradable plastic is future plastic ??

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Deepak Bhutra deepakbhutra7289

Is biodegradable plastic is future plastic ??

22/06/2019 at 08:16

The plastic which is made from corn starch is that is the future plastic?
Even this plastic is harming the environment.
I am from India and since India is the second largest populous country ,the consumption of conventional plastic is growing day by day and to stop this we need alternative of this…
So I need some information regarding this one alternative that is corn starch plastic..
Please share your ideas and information relating to this topic
Thank you.

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22/06/2019 at 08:44

Hi Deepak @deepakbhutra7289

There’s actually another topic on this subject right now:

Plant Based Plastics
In short: Using corn starch might be a very bad idea, it might even be worse than using plastic(!)
Please join the discussion!

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