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Is mixing colours a good idea or not?

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Laura trashtotreasurenl

Is mixing colours a good idea or not?

18/08/2019 at 14:04

So i was wondering: is mixing colours of the same type of plastic a good idea or not?

I mean: what if i want my beautifull coloured product to be recycled again? I cant seperate the colours, so that means i get a mix of the colours ive used?

For example: if i made a clock out of HDPE plastics in the colours red and white, and i want to recycle the clock again after a few years will my new HDPE plastic be pink?

Because when big companies shred plastics en melt them, they can make two colours: grey-greenish out of the lighter colours plastic and black out of the dark plastics. But can you recycle those products again? They will stay grey-greenish and black, right?

Sorry if this is a weird question. 😉 I`m reading a lot about plastics and my monkey brain takes me in a lot of different directions because there is so much information.

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19/08/2019 at 09:33

Hello, i am mixing my caps of HDPE and yes it is the same than when you make painting. if you shredde Red and white you will have pink.
The ideal and the base in coloring, is to have the three primary colors: cyan magenta, yellow (blue red and yellow) so that you will be able to make all the colors imaginable.

i am using pigment for pet recycling, never use for HDPE because there is many colors. so you can try to do many differents colors with. but it is possible to use pigment with HDPE too.

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