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Jon Bylund, from Sweden

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Jon Bylund bamsejon

Jon Bylund, from Sweden

04/12/2018 at 02:50

Hi there,

Living in a small town called Grycksbo, about 250 km north of Stockholm. Got really excited about this as its all about creating an economical value of plastic wich then will have a great value to the environment.

As I am an IT-guy, I immediately started to have ideas of automating the process of sorting plastic as well as automating the whole process. Got an idea of a totally automated plastic recycling station, where you put your plastic in one and and get a 3D-printed product in the other end 🙂

Been doing some home automation at home, as well as played around with AI, which should be combined with this. It could be so awesome!

However, I am now learning the basics, one step at a time. I have been thinking about purchasing a new shredder, but, I really want to know how to improve this, so, I have decided to try to build a shredder from scratch. I have never ever worked with metals before and are an office guy, but are longing to work with my hands and use my knowledge in IT to combine that.

I am really excited, however, in my region, it seems that I am the only one that have seen this and are interesting to create a team to work on this and perhaps create a business of it. To get it to be self independent in a small scale should be awesome and inspire more people to use plastic and actually don’t throw it away.

In Sweden, I would say, the recycling of plastic is done, but in a larger scale. However, a lot is still thrown away, as we don’t get paid for sorting it for recycling. (Except PET-bottles)

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