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kirk from portland or

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kirk erickson kslippers

kirk from portland or

26/10/2017 at 05:22

hello, here to help. i like web dev and software tools.


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28/10/2017 at 05:51

Welcome to Precious Plastic @kslippers 🙂

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09/01/2018 at 00:41

Hi Kirk! I also live in Portland. I’m trying to connect people in town to build some machines.
Here are some other Oregonians:

Hello from Newberg, Oregon

Let me know if you want to collaborate or know anyone else making machines.

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06/03/2018 at 22:19

My husband and I are interested in getting a precious plastics workspace going in Portland. We are in NE. Going to message other folks pinned in the area and try to setup a meetup (thru Portland Recycling and Sustainability Lovers) to discuss. Are you interested? Want us to keep you posted? If so, are there evenings that wouldn’t work? Like for us it’s no Thursdays… We got the spark after we couldn’t take lids and caps to drop off recycling anymore.
Let’s get a group at least starting the discussion!!!
Lynn & Eric

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24/03/2019 at 17:02

I’m not quite from Portland but Portland is the closest place that has people on here. I am from Longview, WA which is Cowlitz County. You may not have heard but the entire county other than curbside pick up in Longview city limits has stopped all plastic recycle. I want to make as big a difference as I can to change this. I would love help from anybody able to show me their process in person and let me know how they were able to build the machines if they have any. If they were able to get grants to start up or get vonunteers to help making stuff. Anything would help. Thank you!

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