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laughing gas/nitrous oxide cartridges


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Nathan neissan

laughing gas/nitrous oxide cartridges

23/03/2019 at 02:18

I don’t know how it’s around the world, but there’s a lot of teens doing a lot of nitrous oxide/laughing gas in the Netherlands. This means the streets are covered in these little cartridges. Loose of what the implications are for their children’s health, I was wondering if anyone knows what kind of material they are and if they could be relatively easily recycled. A simple search of what the cartridges are made of didn’t bring me any answer.

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23/03/2019 at 04:23


They are made from steel normally. So melting temp is about 1500c. Tricky to work with but it can be melted if you have the right kit.

Is their no recycling system in the Netherlands for this kinda thing?

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