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List of needed materials for interior of workspace

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Petra Reynolds petrareynoldslmusd

List of needed materials for interior of workspace

24/04/2019 at 20:58

Does anyone have a list of the needed products for the interior items on the video- such as the sorting station, shelving, etc.

On the blueprints, it says things like Part Number: tube 30x30x2mm 990

Is the 990 cm of length needed? I’m trying to build a workspace for a high school project, but am the idea and grant writer, not the craftsman, so I need some help understanding what I need to gather.


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24/04/2019 at 22:30

990 is for sure not cm from what i see, but mm seems legit 🙂 i don’t know why they took off so little from a full meter, also for the other parts, eg: 495 mm. i think there is no problem with this build by using 1m and 50 cm just.

24/04/2019 at 23:42

@petrareynoldslmusd the interior products for the workspace in the video are an example that fit that container. If you are setting up a workspace in something other than a shipping container, there are commercial shelving, racks, brackets, and benches that you can buy without welding from scratch (unless a welding class is part of the project). Someplace like Home Depot or an industrial supply place can provide most of what you need without the need to fabricate. If you do decide to fabricate the furniture, you’ll want the inch equivalents. Someone from your facilities department should be able to come up with an equivalent total number of feet of 1 1/4 inch square tubing for example. But I really do think you should be able to buy everything in a bolt together form.

Your profile says that your goal is to have the H.S. students build the machines. Some of the machines require some craftsmanship and safety awareness. Hopefully some of the builders here can give you some lessons learned. Perhaps buying some of the machine sub-assemblies and having the students work with those may be an easier path.

It is great to hear the school districts willing to get the students involved with the hardware.
Good luck and please ask lots of questions.

28/04/2019 at 16:20

Thank you for your advice!! Yes, @s2019 Our plan is to have high school students at a technical school build the machines and everything in the workspace as part of learning manufacturing and welding skills through an engineering and makerspace curriculum. Luckily, we have a local manufacturing company who is on board to mentor and help students learn to build the machines. My big task currently is finishing a budget in order to hopefully win a $50,000 grant for the project. The next phase of the project will be for the high school students to collaborate with elementary students at our IB school to design products to make from the plastic to be used in classes. I’m thinking clipboards, pencil holders, rock wall grips, but I’m excited to see what the kids come up with. The environmental science class will be researching plastic pollution and it’s affect on the oceans. They will present to the elementary students. It will be a wonderful project if we can get the funds!! If you have any advice, please lay it on me. One thing that I would really appreciate would be an approximate cost of the materials for each machine in your experience. According to the PP bill of materials, the shredder should only cost $200, which can’t be right. Thank you!!

28/04/2019 at 16:36

@petrareynoldslmusd, it’s raining so heavy in the Netherlands, that apparently shredder blades and couplings fall from the sky there 🙂 No, it’s not 200$ for a shredder; its around 2000 Euro, and it will be still so la la. 200 may work if have a fully equipped workshop, good connections who sponsor you a fitting VFD or couplings, driveshaft, new fuse / good cables, etc… all for free well and an exorbitant skill set to turn scrap into something good and durable .. Please check the bazar first for real prices. Especially in your case, you want good quality and safety measures as well mostly new components with warranty. We started a guide on the shredder here. Good luck. g

28/04/2019 at 21:36

@petrareynoldslmusd That sounds like a great program. As @pporg suggested, the prices in the bazar are probably more realistic. You can probably use some of the lower completed unit prices as a first estimate of the component costs. I don’t think they have a huge amount of labor profit in them. You may also need some additional safety items or higher pedigree components. The injection (as well as the press) process can take some time and it may be worth pricing in a second unit so the kids aren’t standing around. For the injection unit, you might consider the arbor press driven design that @pporg presented here http://onearmy.world/community/forums/topic/arbor-press-v14/ . I think it has many advantages and will give the students a good opportunity to compare the effectiveness of different designs.
One thing that the PP videos gloss over is the fume management issue. For your application I would assume that the hot machines should be treated like a chemistry lab with some version of a fume hood and ducting.
In writing your grant proposal, last year’s announcement by China that they will be restricting the import of recyclables should give you additional justification for addressing the problem. Some .gov resources here https://www.calrecycle.ca.gov/markets/nationalsword that you can draw on.
Good luck and thank you for taking this on.

09/10/2019 at 11:31

1. Activity-Based WorkingToday’s cutting-edge corporations at the moment are using an office design plan known as Activity-Based Working. What this means is that an employee can paintings everywhere inside the workplace that suits his or her cutting-edge hobby.For instance, if an worker needs to do something that requires a excessive level of attention and cognizance, he or she will be able to move to an isolated quiet place to lessen distractions from co-workers. On the other hand, if an worker is doing some thing that requires near collaboration with co-workers, along with learning a brand new software program utility or overseeing a brand new employee, then he or she can sit at a traditional table positioned at once next to other co-workers in an “open communique” type of seating association.Here is a extra massive list of all the one of a kind kinds of areas in an Activity-Based Work environment: Open Office Areas – These are regions of the workplace workspace which have a more traditional sort of seating arrangement in which employees are seated very close to one another with none walls or cubicle limitations setting apart them. Typically, as an alternative of each employee having his or her very own person table, they proportion whole lengthy workbenches. Each employee has his or her own person region and objects on the workbench, inclusive of a laptop monitor, keyboard, mouse, landline cellphone, and different accessories. Open office regions are appropriate for distinctly collaborative work activities, along with sports in which humans might also want to ask frequent questions of each other. Open office regions are famous amongst human beings working in sales and marketing. The largest downside of open office regions is noise and distractions from co-people. Open workplace regions additionally lack whole privacy, which is not only wanted for non-public cellphone calls but also for direct commercial enterprise activities including a exclusive cellphone calls with clients. Privacy Areas – These are both small, enclosed, sound-proof booths or isolated quiet regions that permit someone to make confidential or non-public cellphone calls. These cubicles or regions can also be used to keep discreet meetings among personnel. Many private smartphone calls are completely unplanned and unscheduled. In those situations, an employee can quick flow to a non-public region right away upon receiving a touchy phone call from someone. Quiet Focus Areas – These are areas where humans can pay attention deeply without distractions from others. The form of placing can variety from an remoted armchair to a tiny room this is sound-evidence. Meeting Areas – These are areas where organizations of human beings can meet to discuss some thing they want to speak about. The assembly area can be either an enclosed room or a living room place. Meeting regions are available in one-of-a-kind sizes to deal with special numbers of human beings. In a few corporations, meeting regions are a constrained useful resource, so people want to schedule and reserve time slots earlier for each meeting room. Impromptu meetings between two human beings can be held in front room regions or small tables. Lounge Areas – These are areas with very at ease and comfortable seating and will have things like sofas, couches, armchairs, pod seats, and espresso tables. These regions are appropriate for a diffusion of various activities which include impromptu conferences, group conferences, breaks from paintings, and sports requiring targeted attention. For activities requiring centered attention, it’s miles a depend of personal desire whether or not the employee wants to paintings in a lounge area or at a traditional desk. Café Areas – These are areas in which people can sit down down to eat lunch or snacks. They are ideal places for human beings to casually brainstorm new thoughts, talk the today’s assignment, or run into vintage colleagues and discover what they’re currently as much as.Activity-Based Working is a brand new fashion that solves the various problems of the older and more traditional type of workplace setup known as the Open Office Plan. The Open Office Plan has been around for lots many years. With the Open Office Plan, humans paintings very carefully collectively in open spaces with almost no barrier among them. The Open Office Plan become definitely the solution to a few of the issues of the even older and extra conventional cubicles and personal workplaces.The largest weak spot of the older Open Office Plan is the inevitable distractions and noise from co-workers that may block sports requiring centered attention. Some humans flourish while left by myself to concentrate on their venture whilst others flourish in a more social surroundings. The Activity-Based Working model combines the fine of both worlds. It permits people to choose the type of work placing that is most appropriate to them at any given second in time.2. The Flexible WorkspaceA warm new layout concept that is gaining traction is what’s referred to as the flexible workspace. Flexible workspaces function desks, tables, and chairs which are without problems movable and easily resizable. This is in assessment to the more conventional workplace plan in which the places of desks, chairs, tables, and other resources are fixed and unchanging.For example, in a flexible workspace plan, a assembly desk may be without problems and speedy resized by using attaching or detaching modular components of the table. These modular components may be effortlessly moved round because they may be on wheels. Desks and workstations can also be moved round without problems because they are on wheels. This allows the dynamic introduction of new teams and boosts collaboration between employees for quick-term and lengthy-term duties.Some flexible workspaces additionally characteristic unassigned seating arrangements. This approach that every employee isn’t assigned to a selected table or computer and might choose any table or laptop on a given workday. This concept is made through possible by way of nowadays’s present day fashion towards a paperless workplace where nearly all records is digitized by using computer. As such, the cutting-edge workplace is asking increasingly like a simple desk and chair with best a laptop, reveal, mouse, and keyboard. Many corporations and corporations also are transferring closer to storing records on networks and far flung record structures instead of nearby computer systems. These factors permit for unassigned seating preparations in the administrative center to end up greater practical and easy to put in force.Unassigned seating is concept to decorate collaboration among personnel, on the grounds that these days’s projects are becoming greater dynamic and free-flowing. It is also concept to beautify overall job performance, as some employees would really like to paintings in which they could nice pay attention and consciousness on their work.Google Garage is perhaps the maximum excessive instance of a bendy workspace. Google Garage is a workspace place where any Google worker can go to brainstorm new product ideas through arms-on experimentation with distinctive physical merchandise, devices, and devices together with three-D printers. In this workspace, all of the tables, desks, whiteboards, and chairs are on wheels. You can write at the tables and walls. Power cables and ethernet network cables increase from the ceiling in the direction of the floor so that desks, workstations, and assembly tables can be moved everywhere inside the room while still being powered up and connected to the community. All of their equipment and devices also are movable on wheels.Although you probably don’t should cross that a ways to offer a dynamic environment on your personnel, Google Garage is a top notch instance of the kind of administrative center that lots of nowadays’s personnel are leaning towards.3. Bringing Nature Into The WorkplaceOne of the maximum powerful and enduring tendencies now reshaping America’s place of job is reconnecting human beings with nature. This is called biophilic design.Biophilic layout is primarily based on the premise that people have an innate need to hook up with nature, and that after this connection is made, it effects in better fitness, attention, creativity, and work performance. The idea behind biophilic layout is that it improves each physical and psychological fitness. Indeed, biophilic design reduces pressure and complements mood.Biophilic layout may use any of the following factors in offices and workplaces: Natural Light. Sunlight and daylight hours are introduced into the constructing thru large glass home windows, glass walls, glass doorways, and glass ceilings. High glass ceilings are used for commonplace areas which includes constructing lobbies. Natural light is considered more healthy than artificial mild. Flowing Water. This consists of fountains, streams, and mini-waterfalls. Although those examples is probably over-the-top for many small workplaces, they’re greater appropriate for constructing lobbies, not unusual areas, and big workplaces. Plants. Incredible as it can sound, plants definitely purify the air of poisonous compounds which are otherwise harmful to human fitness. The medical subject of plant purification of the air became pioneered by a scientist named B. C. “Bill” Wolverton, who has published severa research on this problem. Plants also convert carbon dioxide into oxygen, which improves human fitness and awareness. Views Of Nature. Magnificant views of the natural landscape outside the constructing can be finished with the aid of putting in bigger and wider windows. Paintings and pictures of nature also can be displayed for the duration of the office or constructing. Indoor gardens with flora, trees, rocks, flowing water, and timber bridges may be established in building lobbies and not unusual areas to offer views of nature. Natural Materials. Floors, ceilings, staircases, hand rails, and other surfaces can be made from natural substances like timber or stone.A amazing and shining instance of biophilic design is the Central Atrium of the Federal Center South Building 1202 located in Seattle, Washington. This magnificant constructing features a not unusual location with (1) herbal mild from excessive glass ceilings, (2) gardens which include flowing waterways, trees, dirt, and rocks, (3) indoor vegetation, (four) and walls, stairs, and handrails made from reclaimed wood.The present day fashion towards biophilic design is so powerful, it is sweeping the sector’s biggest metropolitan regions from New York City to Singapore. Bloomberg LP, a corporation based in midtown Manhattan and founded through former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, capabilities sizable use of glass partitions, glass doors, and fish tanks containing the arena’s maximum uncommon species of fish, on every floor of the headquarters building in Manhattan. And on constructing rooftops in midtown Manhattan can be visible gardens of bushes, grass, and different elements of nature. Singapore started its biophilic movement approximately 50 years in the past. In Singapore, timber and green natural environment may be seen anywhere. In truth, Singapore, which used to be known as the “Garden City”, is now greater accurately known as “City In A Garden”.4. Creating A Home-Like AtmosphereA large trend in workplace layout that is sweeping the world is the idea of a administrative center that resembles a domestic far from home. From shiny and cozy sofas to recreational swings to ping-pong tables to lounge regions, the idea is to make the place of work as enjoyable and strain-loose as viable. The concept is also to offer regions where employees can take short breaks to provide their our bodies and minds a rest with the intention to recharge and stay productive during the day.But comfortable sofas and lounges aren’t all approximately having down-time. They can be used productively as nicely. For example, an employee can work on his or her laptop whilst seated on a at ease sofa or café table. Group conferences may be held at an informal residing-room type of area with sofas, armchairs, and espresso tables. Two personnel can speak the ultra-modern work-related problem whilst status on a beautiful terrace overlooking the natural surroundings beneath. These are all things that can be found in an average residential home. And a person running from domestic can also thoroughly do those kinds of sports on the ones regions of the home.One purpose why home-like layout in the place of business is turning into realistic is that our work can increasingly more be executed remotely and portably, thanks to growing generation. Most of our statistics storage is now on computers, at the corporate network, or at the cloud. Gone are the days of infinite record shelves and stacks of paper sitting on your desk. These days, human beings increasingly need simplest their laptop or laptop, keyboard, and mouse to do their paintings. This manner that an worker can without a doubt pick up their computer and walk over to a comfortable lounge area to do their work. They can still pick to work at a conventional desk and chair, however now they have a preference between that and something extra comfortable.Experts agree with that the fashion toward a domestic-like place of business additionally comes from human beings’s increasing choice to work remotely from domestic. However, operating remotely from home is normally at odds with higher management. Therefore, many managers and managers are now selecting to design their workplaces to be so comfy and domestic-like, that employees could need to stay in the office for as long as feasible.Some of the home-like perks usually provided by way of employers now consist of: Home-like sofas, armchairs, pod seats, and espresso tables. Lounge regions. Break regions with recreational video games. Cafés with loose espresso, snacks, and food. Fully stocked bars. Outdoor terraces and balconies. Exercise gymnasium and showers. Bicycle storage.Can Home-Like Workplaces Improve Employee Performance? The answer is yes. Companies everywhere are finding that presenting a home-like surroundings encourages productivity, collaboration, and open communicate. This is because a home-like surroundings is less intimating and less formal than a traditional workplace setup. In a cozy putting, human beings feel greater unfastened to explicit their mind casually, that could stimulate brainstorming and creativity.5. Industrial Office DesignA current current fashion that can’t be ignored is the commercial workplace layout. This trend have become famous starting inside the overdue 2000s and remains popular nowadays.The industrial office design is a purely aesthetic style of design this is deliberately unsophisticated: It is rustic, easy, and unrefined.Here are a number of the most common elements of business office layout: Exposed ceiling air ducts Exposed ceiling pipes Exposed ceiling beams High ceilings Exposed brick partitions alongside the outdoor of the office area Lack of indoors partitions resulting in more open space Very big home windows Natural wood rather than dealt with wooden Concrete flooring in preference to timber or carpeted flooring Overhanging light furniture with exposed mild bulbsAs you might count on, factories, warehouses, and industrial buildings are more suitable to be transformed to an industrial workplace layout than traditional workplace buildings.Why would a organization embody business office design? The message it conveys is that the company or employer occupying the workplace area is unconventional, creative, rebellious, or out of doors the mainstream. It may also bring a sense that “our costs are affordable because our overhead is low.” As such, it is a subject that is more generally embraced by using startup groups which includes those located in Silicon Valley. The headquarters office area of Yelp!, that is a surprisingly new startup in Silicon Valley, has been built with a ambitious business workplace design. Heroku, some other relative startup corporation located close to San Franciso, has completely embraced an business workplace design theme in their company headquarters.From a practical viewpoint, commercial workplace designs are normally greater price range-friendly than different styles of office layout. But the savings in production prices will be offset by way of probably difficult technical demanding situations encountered while changing an antique manufacturing facility or business constructing into one that is fit for workplace use in a company placing.Remember, the type of workplace design used for your workspace determines what type of employees you entice in your organization or business enterprise. The industrial office layout has a tendency to attract a more youthful demographic trying to workout their creativity and unconventional way of thinking.6. Ergonomic WorkstationsThese days, sitting is the new smoking. Sitting at your desk for lengthy periods of time will have poor effects on your fitness. To deal with this trouble, today’s contemporary office places of work are incorporating the subsequent new technology into their workstations: Ergonomic Chairs. These are workplace chairs that have adjustable aid in your lower returned, which is likewise called lumbar support. Their seat top must also be adjustable in order that the person sitting on the chair has both feet planted firmly on the floor. The top of the armrests ought to additionally be adjustable. Height Adjustable Desks. Ideally you would want the height of the desk to be adjustable for humans of different frame sizes. Some human beings additionally want to exchange among sitting and standing at the same time as they work. These desks use electric cars to modify their peak upon button activation. Sit/Stand Desk Risers. Also known as “standing desks”, those are height-adjustable mechanical platforms that sit on top of the table on that is placed your monitor, keyboard, and mouse. They are suitable whilst the employee desires to exchange between sitting and status even as operating. Exercise Ball Chairs. These are large plastic balls inflated with air that can be used in preference to a chair. As exercising, the person sitting on the ball can soar up and down at the ball. Sitting on the ball also forces you to exercising the muscle mass on your frame which can be required to preserve stability on the ball. However, the fitness benefits of exercising ball chairs continue to be arguable.Some employees like to periodically change between sitting and status at their desks which will minimize the health risks related to sitting for too long. But health blessings aside, the sit/stand technique in conjunction with the exercising ball chair can each stimulate questioning, creativity, and concentration in a few human beings, since the thoughts and body are interconnected.Although the take a seat/stand approach and exercise ball chairs may not be for every body, it is typically agreed upon that ergonomic chairs and peak-adjustable desks are for every person. That said, but, take a seat/stand table risers and exercising ball chairs are trending and turning into extra popular within the administrative center.7. Glass Walls And DoorsGlass partitions and doorways within the office place of business have been trending for years now, and they may be an essential a part of present day and modern-day workplace indoors layout.There are fundamental benefits of getting glass partitions and doors inside the place of work: Natural Light. Glass partitions and doors permit ample daylight and daytime to unfold through the workplace. This is assumed to be healthier for you than artificial light.Based on severa studies, scientists now consider that herbal mild has splendid health advantages. A examine posted by way of American Academy Of Ophthalmology suggests a strong hyperlink between the improvement of close to-sightedness (additionally referred to as myopia) and the range of hours spent outside according to week[1]. Another study suggests that as we age, our eyes lose the capacity to absorb blue light, and that that is answerable for fitness problems [2]. It turns out that blue mild, that’s a part of herbal sunlight hours, is required for the production of melatonin, a hormone this is chargeable for wholesome, restful sleep and the rejuvenation of our our bodies during sleep at night time. Without it, we lose our biological rhythms primarily based at the 24-hour cycle, and this could result in fitness troubles. Scientists have additionally recognized for many years that artificial mild can lead to eye strain, headaches, and reduced well-being [3-5]. In addition, sunlight stimulates the manufacturing of Vitamin D in our our bodies, that’s essential for human fitness. Transparency. Glass walls and doors sell more transparency inside the workplace. People can see what others are doing and as a result turn out to be better group gamers. Glass partitions and doors lessen the sensation of being remoted from the rest of the group. At the equal time, glass walls and doorways are extraordinarily sound-evidence, so that they nonetheless permit people to pay attention and cognizance on their paintings. In addition, human beings are typically on their first-class behavior when they realize that they can be observed. This promotes honesty and integrity in the place of business. Today’s most excellent workplace designs make sizable use of glass. If you do now not take benefit of this generation, you are lacking out large.Some individuals who are not acquainted with glass partitions and doors may push aside them as being too weak for use as a barrier in a place of business. But these days’s current glass partitions and doors are product of unique sorts of glass material which might be amazingly strong and damage-resistant.Laminated glass, a commonplace sort of break-resistant glass, also can block ninety nine.9% of ultraviolet (UV) rays from sunlight [6].Glass walls are also thinner than regular partitions. This way that glass partitions create slightly extra available space and square pictures than normal partitions. Another realistic gain of glass walls is that they are simpler and cheaper to put in than everyday walls.Which Office Design Theme Is Best For You?As you make a decision which of the above current design elements to include into your subsequent office protection, you will want to do not forget not only their effect to your employees’ motivation, health, and productiveness, but also the cost of imposing the ones factors.In addition, generation exists today to put in brief sensor gadgets in multiple places throughout your modern place of work to stumble on the areas to your workplace which are being used the most, that can offer perception into how the ones areas are being used. That perception can then manual your subsequent workplace protection.If layout prices and sensor technology aren’t within your location of expertise, you can rent an workplace interior fashion designer to layout the best workspace in your business enterprise or enterprise that aligns along with your corporation’s dreams and values. Ideally you will need an workplace interior dressmaker, which includes RI Group, who is familiar with these days present day layout tendencies and why they are important to the fitness, motivation, and productiveness of your personnel. A right workplace brothers construction group Windsors fashion designer may even have good running relationships with amazing construction carriers in an effort to make sure that your workplace renovation or creation assignment is accomplished appropriately, on time, and on budget.

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