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Lombok Plastic Paver Project

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Richard Gregory papariccardo

Lombok Plastic Paver Project

13/11/2019 at 04:16

I’m wanting to pay women to collect the blown and discarded waste around villages in the hills of Lombok, Indonesia,  starting with a village at the head of one of the largest rivers on the island, a river that some people have used for rubbish removal for decades.

This is mostly plastic bags, foil wrappers, foam trays, etc. I then wish to blend these ‘unrecyclables‘ with PP or PS (less desirable but sturdy, easily melted plastics) sourced from wherever. I want to produce as many pavers daily as I can. I’m thinking a twin hopper delivery system where the products blend at heat point.

Who else has achieved reasonable results with a paving stone using similar unwashed, dirty plastics? I need to design a workable machine, to be produced either in New Zealand or Indonesia, that will produce as many ‘bricks’ as I can throw plastic at it. This will be funded by a charity I’m currently setting up, called SatuKampung (OneVillage).

Please come visit me, drop a LIKE, on our Facebook page   https://www.facebook.com/SatuKampungSekaligus

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13/11/2019 at 09:32

As per my understanding of plastic recycling, any plastic that needs to be recycled needs to be cleaned/washed before it gets processed.  All the impurities that are attached to the plastics hamper the process of recycling.  There are different methods of cleaning the plastics which is related to the end product that needs to be made.  Can discuss more in detail if required.


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