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Looking for some partner in São Paulo – Brazil

Priscilla priferraz

Looking for some partner in São Paulo – Brazil

14/08/2018 at 21:36

Hi! My name is Priscilla, I live in São Paulo/Brazil and I am looking for parternships!
I looove the idea but I do not know anything about engineering but I have other skills like developing partnerships, selling, digital marketing and I can also offer my space for building the machine.
are you an engineering?  Would you join me?

I have got a project running about nature, orgânic food, planting courses I think may be a conection with recycling

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14/04/2019 at 18:33

Oi Priscilla

Você ainda tem interesse nesse projeto? Sou de Campinas – SP e estou juntando um pessoal. Você quer participar?



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