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[community] Improve this community

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Dave Hakkens davehakkens

[community] Improve this community

14/09/2015 at 12:12

We love this place here, but there are always things that could be done better. One of the main reasons we build this community in WordPress is because a lot of people are familiar with it. So we are looking for a WordPress developers that are interested in helping to upgrade and improve this community! We have basic understanding of it and took us a lot of energy to start this community. We need help! People that can improve/build and this. We have a public Github here. And will always share everything openly and credits for those who helped us.

We gather feedback from the community, which you can leave here
We use this topic to share improvements we made. And below you can find the things that need to be done.

Added a few issues we need to have fixed for the website in Github. We will continue gathering more feedbackWe appreciate any help/tips!
This is the current list

1: Show username instead of profile name Thanks to @marcoher
2: Avatar redirects to member-profile not member-activity
3: Replace endless scroll in the forums by pages
4: Show a button to change avatar
5: Youtube embed in the forums 100% width Thanks to @marcoher
6: Add breadcrumbs to mobile
7: Removed nested replies and add pagination
8: Restyle the forum submission form
9 : Change te order of the reply pages/newest first.
10: Make it easier to mention a @username
11: Spelling check in the forum text field
12: Like buttons in ‘help build our projects thanks to @leonardlamprecht
13: Toggle replies in nested view thanks to @leonardlamprecht
14: Make the homepage bug free, javascript messes up occasionally.
15: Make it easier to change avatar

Reply if your interested and want to help.

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07/05/2016 at 04:30

Is there a resources page on the forum of links where to buy parts etc?

I want to buy a complete ready-made shredder head, but can’t find if you have any links to suppliers.

For example there is this supplier for the shredder heads, but I think this is too expensive for use here in Asia.

I am doing some looking around in China for manufacturers which seem a lot cheaper. Once confirmed the prices and I find any I can also post there links on a resources page if you have one? If not perhaps once can be setup?

Rgds John

19/05/2016 at 10:54

Thanks for the suggestions everyone. We are going to close down this topic since it got quite long. And we are on to the next step, lets begin!

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