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Machine Development…….Compression

Hansie enviro

Machine Development…….Compression

11/06/2016 at 06:34

Please use this Sub category for all posts & information regarding the Compression oven Machine Development. Thanks 🙂

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12/07/2016 at 17:03

excuse if this post is in two different section of the forum, but I did not figure how to delete it…

Hi everybody, excuse my English…

For some important economic reasons, I want my compression machine to use a gas burning solution, I first looked for a gas oven but I did not find any cheap one who works…
So I m now about to start building my own, I have two designs, one using refractory bricks and one using isolation fibre. As the melting temps for thermo plastics is around +- 200 C° I was hoping that the solution with isolation fibre will be the best (as it is from far the cheapest and the lightest(less metal, no bricks)
What would you advise me? What do you think of the designs?
By advance thank you for answering.

26/07/2016 at 19:02

ok this is what I did, it works just fine, The burner is powerfull, so I only use the middle circle burner with a low flow of gas, the temperature controller gives a perfect feed back to adjust gas entry…

15/08/2016 at 01:32

When building the compression it isn’t quite clear how the oven heats up. Does it have to be an electrical oven or am I missing something? Thanks in andvance!

15/08/2016 at 13:15

@arelenoc, Dave Hakkens’s one is electrical but it can work fine with a gas oven, you will have to be carefull about your temps though.
Temperature control is easier with electrical oven.
With gas oven you will definitely need an electronic temperature controller!
I build a gas compression system, it is made of an empty metal box and a gas burner, the box has no bottom face but a sheet of steel to make the heat uniform, also the compression system has been moved to the upper side of the box..
the box is isolated with glass wool.
the picture is not very good but the plans are in the previous posts…

16/08/2016 at 19:45

The idea looks great, but as @slumberlander points out, you will need to get PID controller to make sure that you dont burn the plastic, since Gas Ovens are more complicated when it comes to regulating the heat.

You might use an electronic PID Controller like THIS ONE, and a 12V dc solenoid valve like THESE, and you should be good to go.

Here’s an instructable that shows you how to setup your electronic GAS temperature control, it’s pretty simple and fun to build:


17/08/2016 at 01:34

@slumberlander apparently, you tried to upload your picture lots of times, you probably thought that the picture was not being uploaded so you kept trying. The only way for me to remove all those duplicates would be to delete your post.
If possible, please delete your previous reply and submit it again (copy and paste the content on a notepad or somewhere else before deleting it) and upload your picture only once 😉

17/08/2016 at 10:13

Hi @xxxolivierxxx, I unfortunately tried to delete the post… it looks like i did not find the way back…How would you delete?

17/08/2016 at 17:18

Here’s your post contents:

Nice one @xxxolivierxxx!, I will have a go on that upgrade for a gas burner controller, it looks great!
the machine works fine but it needs a lot of surveillance and such a change would be a great improvement!
ps: i also have pblms with attachment on this forum! Lol.

07/11/2016 at 16:29

Hey @slumberlander,

very cool compression!

Have you tried experimenting with pressing flat panels of plastic?

Thanks and greetings from Berlin!


07/11/2016 at 19:19

hello @charlyfei,

not significantly, I know that some other succeeded building flat material, try that topic :

@pim van baarsen may have good advises to build so.

greetings from burgundy!

07/11/2016 at 20:04

Thanks so much for the quick reply @slumberlander!

I have just messaged Pim on that topic,



09/02/2019 at 11:57

hi slumberlander,
the same as you, i’m interested in gas based oven. unfortunately, i don’t have enough knowledge about controller – arduino based (olivier suggested in instructable.com).
do you use olivier suggestion, or there is another simple system controller? maybe mechanical controller?

best wishes, halim 🙂

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