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Machines building

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Togonon Severin Togo severintogo93

Machines building

25/03/2020 at 02:30

I’m looking for machines builders to help me  run a workspace in Mali.
Is there any machines builder here?

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In reply to: Machines building

02/08/2020 at 08:14

I could probably figure out how to make a vending machine and that would automate like thousands of people in this country (which means profits from saved costs of thousands of salaries, thousands times 15k a year adds up)…  Most of my experience is in JavaScript because I am poor and am self taught… I do have experience with Espruino Microcontroller which is absolutely essential to automation… If you want to buy my plane ticket and give me a place to stay and money for food and travel bla bla lol… multi year commitment to destroy the retail market of Mali… seriously its got to get done… my info goo.gl/QxentU

In reply to: Machines building

02/08/2020 at 08:17

the dates are off… its aug 1 2020

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