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Make a plastic phone cover using CNC milling

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Jerry de Vos jerzeek

Make a plastic phone cover using CNC milling

11/11/2017 at 21:32

Hi Guys,
I made an instuction video on how to make this, and in this thread i want to reply on questions that you guys might have!

Why not design the injection point on the inside of the phone cover? – by @jegor-m
This is cause the inside has an insert to mold around, and in general you want to prevent injecting through inserts.

Where does the air go
Yes on big injection machines this is a problem, but here the tolerances are not so thight, one scratch and you will have plenty of ventilation…

What material did you use?
The mold is made out of Aluminum

How much did the mold cost?
We paid €400 for the mold, €50 for shipping

I used Solidworks mainly because i know the program very well and the iPhone can have difficult radii. you can easily use fusion360, thinkercat or any other (free) program, but im still learning those 😉


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