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Make desks and benches from wast plastics

Gayan Weerakkodi gayan

Make desks and benches from wast plastics

11/07/2019 at 13:32

Hi every one,
I’m Gayan and I’m from Sri Lanka. in brief, in my country, I saw some of schools dont have desks and benches for the students in villages which is faraway from main cities. as a solution, I want to make desks and benches from wasted Plastics for them as a charity ( I dont want to sell and want to donate for free ).
recentry we make those with woods and if I accomplish my wish, it will helps nature as well as those poor students.

now I have few problems…
01. I dont have idea of how to make that much bigger plastic plates to make benches and desks.

02. even I wanted to make plastic benches and desks i dont knkow whether it will strong enough to sit few students at same time

03. Is there any other way to melt palstic flakes without electricity because I’m not a rich guy and here electricity is not cheep

so if any one can help me to come out from tlhis, I’ll greatful

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