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Make Rojava Green Again

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Make Rojava Green Egain makerojavagreenagain

Make Rojava Green Again

11/08/2018 at 10:19


we are group of people from Western Countries (internationalists) working in Rojava. Rojava is a grassroots organised autonomous region in the North of Syria. People here try to organize themselves indepedent of religion, ethnicity or gender in councils. The region is autonomous from the neighboring state and the power is pretty much in the hand of the people. One main focus of the project (the revolution itself, but also us) is ecology. We started together with the responsible entities in the body of self-administration for ecology a campaign called “Make Rojava Green Again”. We identified many ecological challenges and put them into a book (www.crowdfunder.co.uk/make-rojava-green-again). One of the challenges how to deal with trash. At the moment trash is burned outside of the cities on huge trash fields. We see a huge need and potential for plastic recycling. We started to watch the videos and think that the machines of precious plastic should be doable here, even if something have to be adjusted due to the local condition. anyhow we wanted to reach out to the community and see if there are people around who would join us to start off with some projects. getting the material, having space in workshops wont be a problem. also it could be a nice chance to see the revolution of rojava in practics and also discuss how we can solve the trash issue on a broader scale. we are few and already super busy that is actually why we are reaching out and want to invite people to come for such a project. If you have any questions or ideas feel free to post them!

Great to see how many people follow these projects and nice to meet you all!

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