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Making Local Market Coin

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Making Local Market Coin

12/02/2019 at 06:09

Hi, I am Cohni lee of PRAG-LAB.
I did a lot of projects last year and I want to introduce two of them.
First, Make local Market Coin.
There is a traditional market called the ‘Mangwon’ market in Seoul.
In Mangwon Market, a group called Almain is trying to create various eco-friendly markets.
They are trying to reduce disposable plastic bags.
For example, if you shop with an Eco bag(fabric bag) instead of plastic bags, you get local market coin as an incentive.
We made a market local coin to use plastic collected in the market.
First, we put a plastic trash can in the market and collected clean plastic.
Second, we made molds, we held workshops, and we made local coins with the citizens.
Even though it’s not big, small efforts are being made in Seoul to reduce plastic waste.
And I’m getting a lot of help from the various information in this Precious Plastic Community.
Thank You!

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