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materials for chairs

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leo brooks leo-brooks94

materials for chairs

30/12/2018 at 16:26


I want to design a chair with recycled plastics. My design will incorporate two types of plastic atleast. A mesh for the back, and a rigid structure for the frame/seat.

I notice that plastic lumber is cheap and widely available – but it is so heavy! what alternative recycled plastics are best? ideally it will be cheap, durable, available in black, strong (enough to hold a person without being too thick).

as for the mesh, I’m not sure something of my requirements exists. I want a material like that of the nylon backrest commonly used in office chairs. it needs to be recycled to meet my ethics.

any pointers the community can provide would be a huge help – thankyou!

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In reply to: materials for chairs

19/01/2019 at 15:25

Hey Leo,
about specific plastic i dont know right now..but if you’ll send me the design i can help with feedback 🙂

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