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Media Request posted with permission.

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Lisa Cole lisacole

Media Request posted with permission.

15/01/2018 at 12:37

I’m struggling getting the forum working, apologies if this is a duplicate.

I’m writing for No Serial Number magazine which focuses on ethical and sustainable crafts. I’m also looking into how possible it would be to set up plastics recycling in Bristol.

I’ve a number of questions to ask for an article for No Serial Number, would anyone be able to help please. You will of course be credited.

• What do you see is the long-term potential of the plastic recycling machine
• What are the risks of recycling plastic that will be then sold in the marketplace? for example, the likelihood that will not be recycled again and will end up in the general waste?
• What are the most produced items by artists who use your plastic machines?
• What are the quirkiest items that are produced in your network of workspaces?
• Items usually created: useful items?decorative items?
• Do you encourage the making of durable items?
• How many times can plastic really be recycled? Is there an end of life for this type of material?
• How much garbage do you think compressively you have managed to divert from general waste with your machine?
• What do you think about those groups and individuals, often defined as Zero Waste, who are actively campaigning against the use of plastic products?
• What do you think about the recycling schemes where you live. Why invent the machine when there are already councils around the world that recycle plastic? Do you think they are inefficient? What are the challenges for the large-scale recycling of plastic?

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17/01/2018 at 16:43

Real great questions @lisacole, i am sorry that i cant anser all of your questions. I am not yet a user of the machines, but are cooking some plastic in an oven for then to be used as raw material with woodworking tools. I dont think i am helping the envioment by turning 2 kg of plastic waste into products every month.

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