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Micro plastic sensor/tracker


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Micro plastic sensor/tracker

02/07/2019 at 23:26

looking at micro plastic in ocean, I have little hope we can build enough submarines to filter ocean water but perhaps it could be possible to build autonomous sensors. People could place those along dunes/beaches or wherever needed. With some luck the data could reveal how much plastic particles are being blown per direction per time.

I don’t mind how much sense it creates for now but let’s say it works, we could locate and tack polluting zones that way more easy.

I just started the project here on my sofa; luckily i’ve lots of spare time now so i can assist and stick around much more 🙂

however, not sure how the unit has to be built i guess it has to be installed near the ground and other than that; it should auto rotate with the wind. Filtering the plastic from other particles seems to difficult (?) so I guess some basic mesh filter to filter bigger stuff as well a water filter should be fine for the start. Ideally the unit records the strength/direction of the wind, time and if possible: it stores the particles collected per recorded day in small chambers (carousel, 1 chamber per day,..).

any more thoughts? it doesn’t look that difficult. Someone still has to pick up samples each week and filter plastic out and store the data with it.

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03/07/2019 at 13:18

good news, reading the basics shows there are methods separate MPs via electrostatic behaviour with a success rate of 90%. Not sure this can be part of the device already already but at least it can be done cheap. I create a page in the library to outline next steps 🙂

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