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Mobile Pyrolysis Plant – Turning waste into fuel

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Lucca J. luccajones

Mobile Pyrolysis Plant – Turning waste into fuel

12/02/2019 at 03:09

Hi everyone!
I come here to present my project that develops based on the needs and what is possible to be realized in Brazil.

The idea
I’m from Rio de Janeiro and, like everywhere in the world i think, we have problem’s with the plastic treatment. In Brazil, processing plastic for recycling is not profitable (to the extent that you can not keep up your work). Virgin plastic has high government incentives. Doing arts with recycling also has very low payoff. The idea that I am constructing is to create a pyrolysis plant, built in a truck, to collect the city.

Why a truck?
A container is very expensive. Stopping in polluted places, which are usually rivers, would be very difficult.
– Moving a container is very expensive here.
– A truck to do this service would also be very expensive, initially raising the price of the project to a very high level.
– Renting a space for this would also cost dearly. There is no possibility of being close to homes, because this type of service is not allowed in residential areas in Brazil, so it would have a high monthly cost, besides having to invest in any way in the collection of the material.
– The main garbage dump is controlled by drug traffickers. You can not go in there with machines, only garbage trucks can.
Taking into account these factors, a mobile plant will be more viable because it will unite collection and processing in one place, in addition to cheapening the process.

how it works?
I am still in the planning stage, so I share with you, look for ideas, criticism and how to improve the project. I’ll try a crowdfunding project to get it funded. Basically, the truck will have a pyrolysis plant inside. I will use the fuel produced to invest in another, more efficient, but probably more expensive, project. The idea is to clean, at least from solid waste, the Rio de Janeiro rivers.

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