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Modify Auger for injection machine?

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Tim timmeh

Modify Auger for injection machine?

10/05/2018 at 06:49

Hi PP forum 🙂

I’m interested if anyone’s tried/succeeded in modifying a wood auger so that it pressurises the molten plastic as it travels down the thread, similar to how it does in proper extrusion screws? Buying an extrusion screw from the Precious Plastics Bazaar is prohibitively expensive.

I was thinking of maybe using welds to build up the screw thickness towards the end of the screw, or maybe trying to find a epoxy type material that wouldn’t melt under extreme temperature to do something similar.

Any help/ideas would be amazing, thankyou!

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18/05/2018 at 23:51

Hey Buddy! Another option could be to work on the pitch rather than reducing the flights depth (increasing the core diameter)…
– to weld a lever to the tip of the auger
– hold in a vice the tail,
– heat up the auger tip by a gas torch
– acting on the lever, twist the hot part in order to shorten the pitch at the tip of the auger

…make sense…?

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