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Mongolia Монгол

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Mongolia Монгол

02/04/2017 at 14:43

Dear Precious Plastic community and Dave

Love your project and the movement really. I am personally interested in waste recycling and would like to start the PP movement here in Mongolia.

I want to keep Mongolia beautiful and will start by writing an article and project proposal.

I specifically wanted to ask and notify although this is Open source this is a new territory and will keep you posted.

All the best from Mongolia.

Anyone who is in Mongolia feel free to help and join.



Taivan S

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05/04/2017 at 16:19

Dear Precious Plastic Community,

Firstly, I took the liberty of creating the Precious Plastic Mongolia. I have started discussion online in Mongolia.

Secondly, I started discussion with several people some private and governmental and NGOs. They are interested what they need is things in Mongolian. Which i will organize and translate. Will coordinate with some of our journalist friends in Mongolia.

My friend in San Francisco is interested she is into renewable energy. etc.

Its getting some momentum.I will also get the support of my Mongolians abroad group Tsahim Urtuu NGO (meaning electronic network) etc. And I am sure the support from Mongolians and expats in Mongolia as well.

Below are accounts I have created to communicate Mongolian awareness and publicity.

for better managing news in mongolian gmail
twitter: @unet_huvantsar means valuable plastic in Mongolian
instagram @preciousplasticmongolia

However I will also need your support and guidance. I made sure to post its open source. Whom should i contact regarding pr and marketing content to translate.

I do have some voice-over and translation skills.

So happy to be actually being part of this great community. Please advise if i am moving too fast etc. I do want to make sure i am in line with the message and the heart and soul of the community.

Whom should I talk to?

All the love from Mongolia. I will send a video regarding Mongolia too.

Taivan akaTevan

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19/04/2017 at 17:49

Hello Precious Plastic Community.

This is the Introduction video in Mongolian Precious Plastic Mongolia Intro start

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19/04/2017 at 17:50

Hello message in English. Short video
All the love from Mongolia
Precious Plastic Mongolia Hello in English

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