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Multi-Location Army Panama/Gabon

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CC afrika

Multi-Location Army Panama/Gabon

28/05/2019 at 15:17

I am new here (just signed up today) and want to connect with people in both Panama (my current physical location) and Gabon to develop recycle centers. I have a nonprofit and would like to utilize it to spread as many centers across the world. The org is focused on Africa, so that’s the main location starting in the west. While I am in Central America, I want to contribute to the development of education and functionality of recycling/upcycling here. I am open to learn the best steps to take in building a recycle center in both places. Any advice or assistance is welcomed!

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29/05/2019 at 14:46

Hola. I am in the USA with a farm in Chiriqui Panama, just north of La Conception

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