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Nepal Community School Project

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Matthew Fillary mattfillary

Nepal Community School Project

10/10/2018 at 21:33

New here so this is my first post, please bare with me.

Firstly i want to give some context to where i want to go with this project……

almost 3 years ago I lost a great friend and mentor after a short battle with cancer, Dan Doherty, trustee to a charity called Learning for Life. After loosing Dan it was decided to build a memorial school in Nepal where so much had been destroyed after the 2015 earthquake. So after jumping out of planes and holding charity dinners this dream was achieved and the new earthquake proof school was opened in 2017. its dream was to become a community hub for the entire village.

To build and supply a precious plastic work station would be a huge boost for the local community, it would also add a great deal to the education at the school in a country that has a growing plastic pollution problem. i have the space and knowledge to construct a container module but the rest is a logistical nightmare. A challenge to say the lease, One i fully intend to take up.

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18/10/2018 at 00:13

Hi Matt, I have just signed up- happy to help in anyway possible I can. where about’s in the UK are you based? I’m both Hampshire and London.

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