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Katharina Elleke katharinaelleke


29/03/2018 at 21:07

Hello wonderful people!
I decided to dedicate my Design Bachelor Thesis to the Topic “Online Community / Collaborative Research & Design”.
Focus will be to improve/find a better solution for the platforms of our (Precious Plastic) Community!

To describe in a few words:
This Forum contains so much valuable information, so much potential, but – like in every forum – there is a lack of overview, so things get lost, same questions get asked several times, it’s hard to keep track etc.
There is also a high demand and potential for (local) exchange and collaboration, so I won’t force myself to stick to the format of a forum but imagine it more as a platform for collaborative research & projects, with a good structure/way to find information and work with it.

As the outcome should work for YOU, the whole Community, I am hoping to get a lot of your feedback and ideas, so we can TOGETHER work on a solution which suits our needs. 💪

Aim: Design a new structure & user interface for our Community.

Outcome: Probably (as a start) an interactive prototype of the platform(s), and then see where it goes.

WHOEVER INTERESTED in clicking his/her way through my (maybe a bit chaotic) thoughts, feel free to TEST THE PROTOTYPE here:

➡️ Precious Plastic Platforms – FOCUS on the FORUMS (including map etc.)

💡Share your feedback with me, what aspects you like/don’t like and what other ideas you have!

💬 You can even comment it IN the draft (you will have to create an account though).

☝️Bare in mind: this is all work in progress and a lot of trying-out. So don’t be irritated by visuals/layout or weird links.

UPDATE (Dec 2018): Topic closed – We have a webteam now, creating a super powerful platform! 🙂

For anyone interested, here my THESIS 📖


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30/03/2018 at 09:36

Hello !

I am actually “beta-testing” the use of Discord for the french-speaking community

Come give it a check, projects are already rising !!

though it is still quite new, many features will be added

here is the link : https://discord.gg/Qa3wTrn

I hope it will inspire others !!



30/03/2018 at 01:53

What about slack as a teamwork tool
Also if you want to search and find some ideas go to product hunt or betalist.
I think there needs to be a learning portal available somewhere in all this as well or learning paths with a search function.

29/03/2018 at 23:08


For my research I’m looking at (and also testing out) teamwork platforms like Asana and Microsoft Teams. They already offer a lot.
Of course this is very focussed just on teamwork, but I think it’s interesting for this Community as well and might only have to be adjusted and extended a bit to meet our needs.

– Does anyone have experience with these or similar teamwork tools and could share it with me?
– AND does anyone have examples of forums which work better (search function, overview, exchange, etc.) than the “usual” ones?

23/06/2018 at 19:30

Hi @yuri-fabris

As I told Katharina, the post is again in this thread. Maybe, as you said, it was classified as spam one and after a moderator reviewed it, the moderator placed the post again online.


As you can see, the post didn’t contain any link so I don’t know the reason it was deleted. But anyway, it is again online.

23/06/2018 at 19:26


Hi Katharina, don’t worry about that. It was strange to me don’t see you in this forum for days. But I was sure you would reply to the message. 🙂

Well, after reading again this thread I see that the post that disappeared is again in this thread. Maybe it was classified as spam (as @yuri-fabris suggested) and the moderators deleted from spam so the post is online again. The post I was referring to is the 9:49 one. In that post, I explained about 6 critical points I learned while experimenting with the creation of online projects and online groups.

23/06/2018 at 16:45

@yuri-fabris, thanks – unspammed it! (could have checked that earlier 🤦🏽‍♀️)
@whitaker haha I actually just had to google the guy with the 1500USD sandwich – brilliant 😀
Very good points for making teamwork work. Not my focus at the moment, but will keep it in mind for the further development of the platforms, when we’ll think about introducing workgroups etc.!

23/06/2018 at 15:59

@whitaker probably your post was tagged as spam as was one of mine some time ago. You should contact a moderator to check it out. How many hyperlinks does your post contain?

23/06/2018 at 12:50

@whitaker sorry for the late one (theoretical part is consuming quite some time at the moment).

I even got a notification from your post but couldn’t see it. Maybe try again now?

16/06/2018 at 09:49


(sorry to cite you so much)After reading a little bit about all the ideas, I think they are really great. There is a huge amount of work to do, as always. After experiencing with some other projects, finally, a small amount of people has to do all the hard work.


I have been experimenting with different types of organization of tasks and management I have learned, at least, what hasn’t worked for us.

The things we’ve learned is:1. The rule of the 2 pizzas -> big groups usually loss efficiency. A specialized group must be no more than 7 people.

2. Keep only efficient people -> sometimes (and it always happens), some member of the group doesn’t do the tasks. This produces a contagious effect and the group starts to lose efficiency. There are some people that replace the 20% less efficient members of the group after a period of time.

3. Reward your team -> always give more than the things you promised to your team.

4. Develop efficient tools to perform tasks more efficiently -> always keep in mind that we need to constantly add efficiency to our processes. A tool that is incredibly efficient can exponentially reduce the time that the team needs to develop the concept.

5. Keep all the tools in only one platform -> make like Google with their tools. All are stored in the same platform. You don’t need to go to Yahoo to use one tool, then to Microsoft to use another tool, etc… All must be in one place.

6. High level of work division -> Do you remember the guy that spent 6 months and 1500 USD to get his sandwich? Well, if we add a very high level of work division, it will be possible to get better and faster results. I remember been working when I was 19, in a pizza shop and we had highly specialized tasks assigned to each person. For example, one guy was in charge of placing the cheese on the pizza, the next one placed the tomato on the pizza, etc. The result? high efficiency. The key? High specialization of work. Simple tasks, high speed while doing them.


For example, in website development a person that only programs HTML will be much more efficient than a full-stack web developer. HTML can be learned in less than a week. We can have a person that programs HTML in less than a week, working. A full-stack web developed takes months or even some year to get. And after, to get enough practice programming full-stack takes even more time. The HTML guy is faster and knows better all the tricks of HTML while the full stack guy is less efficient because it takes more time to get a full stack person than an HTML person. And full stack is exponentially more complex than HTML alone.


Tell me what you think.

13/06/2018 at 13:45

Merci beaucouuuup @imuh!

on the Events part you added ; do you think it should be free for anyone to add or would some sort of moderation be needed ?

Didn’t really think of that yet. I guess we could try with public first and if it gets too messy, we’ll have to take over? Something we can try to figure out, once we really implement it 😀 But I can imagine it could work without big troubles.

i know you brought it up already but couldn’t the AI help us out on setting a wiki up? :p

Yep, pretty sure about this possibility. The only question is how easy/expensive is it to apply it to our website…(?)

About the SLACK feature: I didn’t think of implementing Slack itself in our website, but rather copying some features it has (like the sub-conversations and adding emoji-reactions to each comment – very important 😁)

@whitaker, cool! Don’t know if it will become too much/too messy, but (depending how much it is) consider to add your thoughts/drafts in here, so it stays all together in one topic?

12/06/2018 at 10:02

Of course, I will examine some information and I will publish and, of course, cite you to get your feedback and also see what other members of the community think. 🙂

11/06/2018 at 20:55

Hey @katharinaelleke

You are rocking ! so much work has been done, congratz !!
I love the way you are looking to centralize all the big guidelines and info; also good job on searching at an AI to centralize the information; there will have to be some sort of sctrictiness in the thread creating in order for “it/her/him” to be able to sort everything out (or am i totally wrong ? :p)

(sorry have issues adding comments on the virtual copy you are working on 🙂
– on the Events part you added ; do you think it should be free for anyone to add or would some sort of moderation be needed ?
-on the main page of the forum “plastic” you point the “learn about plastic” to the davehakkens page, which will integrate _i suppose_ wiki content + link to wiki; i know you brought it up already but couldn’t the AI help us out on setting a wiki up? :p

Concerning your “<b>ORGANISING DISCUSSIONS WITHIN A TOPIC” </b>i see you wish to add a slack feature; i’m not quite sure to understand how it would appear on the front end; the slack subdiscussions be public ? or specific to each slack server ?

Keep up the awesome work !

11/06/2018 at 17:29

Hi @katharinaelleke

I have emailed Dave asking if we can collaborate together. As you, I see a huge potential in this platform, but the structure and organization must be adapted to get all the real potential.

Some time ago I spent some time doing some drafts about a platform-like website focused similar to Dave’s one, but much more sophisticated and complex.

Maybe I can help you extracting some concepts from mine and implementing them here.

Tell me what you think. 🙂

11/06/2018 at 15:27

Sorry for coming in that late.
The overall direction of this thread is the main point that I’m missing about the PP story: a collection of all information that have already been discussed.

From my perspective the best solution for that topic is still the wiki way based on discussions and solutions of the forum.

Please proceed this way by raising a wiki (here or besides that community) to save every participant a bunch of time of scrolling, reading and getting lost in forums. (I do not say, that the forum should die.)

The quality of the wiki will raise each day due to the interest of the participants to help and be helped.

11/06/2018 at 13:43

In the TOPICS themselves, the content could be categorised similarly to enable a more efficient reading (as we talked about before).
– Sorting by type of reply (question, idea, like etc.)
– And I would love if we could implement reactions like in Slack (with reactions and replies to the individual replies > wrapping it up into sub-discussions)

11/06/2018 at 13:19

Here another example: Getting information about the shredder by…

1- Asking a question/ Search: Here it would show you suggestions (including WIKI entries and topics, maybe also Bazar/Map items etc.) BEFORE you are posting a new question.

2- Browsing through tags in the forums: Most used topics will be shown as tags (probably the possibility of choosing multiple tags would make sense). If existing, it will show the relevant bit of the WIKI on top of the topics.

3- Directly in the Wiki (From here you will again be directed to relevant forum topics and bazar/map items as well)


11/06/2018 at 13:06

I tested the AI plugin Wordlift a bit and had a conversation with a Wordlift guy, and this plugin (at least as a starting point) could really help gathering all the information from the forums, categorising it and building up some sort of Knowledge Graph for Precious Plastic.

As you probably expect only somehow “verified” information in a wiki, it would then still be on the PP Team + experienced Community members to decide on WHICH information from the suggestions of the AI assistant will be shown in the wiki.

If anyone knows about a similar plugin/tool/service, which could work here please let me know!

[Would like to give an idea of how it works, but backend is currently not working, so I’ll add pictures later]

11/06/2018 at 12:25

@siemenc @yuri-fabris @imuh @dbougas @flo-2 @jegor-m

First of all, thank you so much for your valuable feedback!Talked to Dave and figured out it would make sense to gather all information in the “START” section where all the Video-Tutorials, Information & Download pack are. (Side note: I renamed it ”Get started” as I got the feedback that “START” is confusing for most people.)

And yep, @yuri-fabris this would probably be something equivalent to a PRECIOUS PLASTIC WIKI (There have been some around, but seems like none of them existing anymore… If you find one, let me know!)

We’ll use the existing pages and fill in the most important information (information&experiences from us AND the community/forums).

Now the trick is still to make sure to find this information through the forums as well. So forum would stay forum, but

more visualised and filterable (therefore efficient and fun to use)

– AND linking to the relevant parts of the WIKI. 


Get an impression here:

29/05/2018 at 22:54

Just saw the post…
I will follow closely 👍 and comment 😁 when I take the time…

For your last post option B for me.

Thanks for this fantastic analysis

23/05/2018 at 19:28

Thanks @siemenc, the idea of Alchematter sounds good indeed, shame that they obviously didn’t proceed.

BOOKMARKS, yep good point – but do you mean it like the SAVE TOPIC (which we have here now as well) or even more specifically, marking single replies or something like that?

Dark themed, oh yeah!


03/04/2018 at 10:56

What about slack as a teamwork tool
Also if you want to search and find some ideas go to product hunt or betalist.
I think there needs to be a learning portal available somewhere in all this as well or learning paths with a search function.

01/04/2018 at 23:15

I would like to see more of business aspect of our community.
Much of the forum is discussion on technical aspects, which is of course very important.
The business plan is important as well to make more projects, especially in developing countries, running.


15/07/2018 at 20:33


Hi there, I have been seeing more in detail your suggestions for the website. I think it’s great. Maybe we can join your project and mine, the problem is the coding work will be so huge and complex even for a professional coder!

I don’t post a lot here, but I am working on this project.


23/06/2018 at 19:44


About the sandwich guy, it’s about efficiency. As you watched in the video, the guy wanted to get all the ingredients by himself. It took 6 months of his life to get a simple sandwich. What he demonstrated? the division of work is critically important. Lots of people performing simple tasks are much more efficient than one guy performing lots of tasks.


I cannot find the reference, but I remember reading some years ago a case that was explaining about the time it took to translate one book of Harry Potter. In less than 30 minutes, it was fully translated. Why? because there were tons of people translating just 1 page at a time rather than 1 person translating the whole book. Maybe one single person could spend weeks and lots of hours per day if he/she wants to translate the entire book. Tons of people spend few minutes in translating one single page of the book and the book was translated in few minutes. 🙂

16/06/2018 at 10:19

I tried to update one post and it has been deleted (¿?)

16/06/2018 at 08:33


Of course, we can keep everything in this thread. It will be much easier to keep all easily accessible.

From previous experiences, I know that if we open one thread for each idea, then it’s much less efficient to find the information.

11/06/2018 at 19:46

Thanks @netzsche, always good to hear that it makes sense to proceed!
@whitaker, sure every idea and input is welcome! Looking forward to see your concepts (curious now!) 👐

If you’re interested, definitely also go through the current Prototype and leave some feedback 🙂

11/06/2018 at 14:12

@siemenc @yuri-fabris @imuh @dbougas @flo-2 @jegor-m and everyone!

Am still working in this DRAFT and as always happy to hear how you think about it, what you like, what’s confusing/missing etc.

🕵🏻‍♂️ Main areas/scenarios where you can explore:
– looking for shredder/motor/motor alternatives
– looking for plastic/polystyrene
– asking a question
ℹ️ Tipp: Click on an empty space on each site, then you will see the “clickable” items.

💭 Still trying to figure out how to best show/apply the filter in the forum so it covers the most important categories/tags, but is not too much at once. How does it feel now? Too much/too little information shown? Any thoughts, ideas?
💭 Then also details/design like SEARCH & START A TOPIC: where is the best position, best wording, best way to go through the steps?

1) Have to write this f**king theoretical, scientific part 🤦🏽‍♀️
2) Outline 3-4 scenarios, like:
– Looking for information about PLASTIC BAGS (WIKI)
– Looking for experiences to CLEAN plastic (FORUM)
– Posting a question about MOULDS
– Answering to a topic
– Sharing an idea/progress/…

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