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notaymacuto.com — leave a note before adventure!

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Ra raulserrano

notaymacuto.com — leave a note before adventure!

21/05/2018 at 12:21

Only working in spanish, but I would explain you the idea of how it works this prototype:


Notaymacuto : it takes the old idea of leaving a sticky note on the fridge telling your people where are you going adventure, but online version

Why? : I live in a mountain area full of laberynth rocks, and I go out every day on a three hour exploring hike with my dog. I live alone and there is no one I can tell where I go, in case I don’t get back. I don’t like notifying family or friends everytime I go out, so that’s why I create this SMS proto-platform.

How it works? : everytime I’m going adventure I send a SMS to a number I bought, telling the plan details. If some one is missing me they just need to get into the site, place my number on the searchbox (need to now my number 659509062) and read the note.

Why SMS? : I used to work as app designer and I was bit overwhelmed, SMS are simple, you just save the number on your mobile address book and ready, no installation, no register, good for prototyping.

Why not Whatsapp, email…? : I like to keep it free of notifications, I like to pull, not push. In case someone need to know where I am they go and check.

App? : After two years of testing this SMS method I decided to design and app for both iOs/Android and hire a developer on freelancer.com — It was a hard work but developer wasn’t as proffesional as it should and I decided to stop it, ouuu. (Medium post).

Now? : It’s on pause mode, waiting to some app developer to join the team 🙂

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