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On what factor the geometry of blade is designed?

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On what factor the geometry of blade is designed?

11/09/2020 at 10:56

Following clarification needed on the shredder blade1. How can we decide the diameter of the blade?
2. How much the blades on two opposites shafts should overlap? Refer image for clarification. Currently its 21mm. How should it decide it accurately?
3. How the geometry of the tooth on each blade is designed, how to decide its rake angles?

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13/09/2020 at 20:25

@ayus2302 Welcome to PP.

yeah, detailed research and trial data is usually missing here in the project.

However, we´ve one of those on the bench right now. We have some more data in October for this design. Judging by the blade design, we agree, that could be more cutting edge. Problem is mostly that you can´t  really combine well shredding and grinding in one machine so I guess that this was the best outcome for the bigger plastic chunks they tried in v4.

See you in while,

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