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Open Source Business Diagnostic

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Jaime Arredondo jaime

Open Source Business Diagnostic

15/11/2017 at 17:06

Hi there community,

Through my participation in the Open Source Circular Economy Days and the Remodel Project lead by the Danish Design Center, I’ve been working with half a dozen open projects, communities and organisations working on their performance and impact issues.

And it got me sick to see so many open founders burn out while trying to align their commercial goals and the time they need to devote to their open source communities. So I wrote a diagnostic tool for open organisations and Dave Hakkens encouraged me to share it here.

It has already gotten nice results that have translated in clarity, more structure and performance among these projects, and I thought you would also like it if you happen to be working on an open project.

It’s written for any founder developing an open source software organisation, but a lot of principles apply to hardware companies who look for meaningful co-creators as well. It covers easy wins to increase impact like clear documentation, active participation in relevant communities or ease of installation of a project to increase adoption.

I’ve spent almost one year refining the diagnostic, so I just wanted to send you the copy, and offer it up to you in case it could help.

If you are running or starting a project, I would also be very curious what’s being most challenging at the moment. Any responses will be super valuable and help me polish the tool 🙂


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18/11/2017 at 05:20

thanks for this

20/11/2017 at 22:59

Thank you Jaime!

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