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Opinions on Eco bricks

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Krisztina dtstudent123

Opinions on Eco bricks

01/08/2019 at 15:08

Hello, all!

I’m doing a D.T project at school and I want to design a device which compresses plastic waste into a usable brick. I know that recently, people have been putting plastic waste into a plastic bottle and then using that as an Eco brick. Whilst I think this is a good way to reduce plastic pollution and reuse plastic waste, I do not think that the plastic bottles are structurally stable enough for bigger projects and that making a brick out of plastic would use a more significant amount of plastic (and would therefore be more effective in terms of sustainability). Please give your opinion below about whether you think my design project is solving a legitimate problem and about how useful/effective you think the plastic bottle Eco bricks are.

I would really appreciate your insight and opinions!

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In reply to: Opinions on Eco bricks

01/08/2019 at 18:59

Hi there,

Good to hear you are finding ways to try and reduce waste!

So there’s a bunch of projects out there that build houses or shelters with bricks made out of plastic waste. The one that has received quite a lot of attention recently is ByFusion (https://www.byfusion.com/). They have a system where you don’t have to seperate or wash the plastic, just compressed and watered down into a brick (not entirely familiar with the process). The system they use can fit in a container and looks fairly cheap to build.

However my concerns are in terms of sustainability of the bricks. When you use all sorts of plastics and don’t wash them of their contamination you tend to get a lower quality product and could degrade quicker over time. I do hope I am wrong though because I love the idea.

If you google bricks made out of plastic waste you’ll see a few projects out there. One of them is somewhere in South Africa and they produce some super high quality roof tiles.

And check these guys out, they are making a killing in Columbia! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MXbrKQE-SOE

Good luck with your project, if you come up with a potential solution that you think is viable please do share it with us! We are always looking for innovative young thinkers who have a fresh pair of eyes 🙂

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02/08/2019 at 08:54

Thanks for replying! It was very helpful and informative😀

In reply to: Opinions on Eco bricks

03/08/2019 at 16:06

Hello there,

Me too, I’ve been following very closely this topic. I am familiar with several initiatives, as @liosr had mentioned some of them already. However, there’s something that looks a little weird with this companies/organisations. For an unknown reason, it seems that most of these, locally working companies, came out to be noticed in the outer world just a few years ago as mushrooms. All of the sudden, almost all of them went quiet. Some even don’t respond to emails or update their web page contents…weird.


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