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Order Parts – www.diyrecy.com

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Manuel Hirn mr-hirn

Order Parts – www.diyrecy.com

06/04/2017 at 00:40

Hello community,
in about 10 Days it will be possible to buy parts especially the LCP Kit (laser cutted parts) to build the machines.

Shipping within Europe! And the best is we will spend money for each sold artikel to Dave Hakkens and his Project Precious Plastic.

Klick here

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06/04/2017 at 11:29

cool! Are you going to provide parts for every machine? We are currently working on a map to display all machine builders 🙂

06/04/2017 at 13:26

This is an interesting concept! I need to bookmark this and see where it goes.

06/04/2017 at 22:33

Yea as son as I sold the first LCP Kit on my website i will add other parts too. In next time it should be possible to buy all parts which you cant build by your own or you cant find on a scrap yard.

I think there are two decisive aspects that makes a good open source project:

– easy to realies


– the material has to be available anywhere

Both aspects are given at this projekt. But much more easier is it when the chanche is given to buy all parts in one shop without long searching. And this is not only good for all people who want to build the machines by his own it is also good for the project hisself becuase with selling products you can earn a little bit money, with which you can fund the projekt.

Thats my thinking because I have started to build up an online shop. And my site is not only made for one project but also its made for many more projekts. I hope I have success with my shop because than I can help you too with funding precious plastic Version 3.

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