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Other Companies with the same aim?

Youssef Eldeheiby eldeheiby

Other Companies with the same aim?

19/12/2018 at 23:13

Well, I’m sure Precious Plastic isn’t the only project out there to help us Recycle. Are there any similar projects for using plastic or any other material to recycle by manufacturing? Waiting for the links!

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23/12/2018 at 23:38

Well, as no one answered, I will be updating this Topic with companies I found.

ByFusion is a business the will SELL to you the ByBlocker, which makes the ByBlocks from Plastic. No, it is not like Precious Plastic which teaches you how to make the machines, but it is better than nothing.

27/12/2018 at 17:08

“similar projects for using plastic or any other material to recycle by manufacturing?”: one might answer ‘the recycling industry’!… But industry is large scale and most businesses don’t share their operational details.
All recycling, be it of paper, plastics or metals, is all pretty much the same: chop to bits and reassemble…
Checked the Byfusion.com you mentioned. Quite interesesting but it’s a ready-to-use system, a bit like PreciousPlastics for dummies with money to spend and no brains or time to assemble the kit 😉
I think I have seen other examples of companies producing building materials out of waste but I don’t think they provide the ‘manufacturing apparatus’.
Maybe what you’re looking for is ‘open hardware’!…

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