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Oven compressor, internal or external press?

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Jack Perkins perko

Oven compressor, internal or external press?

07/08/2019 at 03:55

Hi, so I’m thinking of making a compressor machine. I was wondering if it is easier to heat the plastic in the oven, remove the mould, then compress in an external press. Or, is there an advantage to having the press mounted inside the oven? Does anyone have any experience with doing both? For my situation, it is easier to use an external press as I already have one, yes it would be more hassle to remove when hot however, I wondered if there are any other advantages or disadvantages to each.

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09/09/2019 at 02:09

I would like to know this as well, but I cannot find a simple answer either.  Plastic hardens very quickly, so it may not be practical to take it out of an oven and then compress.  That, and the fumes are highest in that state.  I hope someone will give a better answer with actual experience.

09/09/2019 at 09:45

So the 2.0 machine has the press inside, the 2.1 has it outside.

More info on this page: https://preciousplastic.com/en/videos/build/upgrades/compression2-1.html

With this upgrade the compression area (carjack) is shifted underneath the machine, this way the machine can run continuously. With this change you can now compress and cool one mould while you’re heating up a second one. Besides being more productive and efficient this upgrade makes the machine easier to build as you don’t need to install the compression mechanism inside the oven.

09/09/2019 at 18:33

Huge advantage to an internal heated press.  I understand that waiting for cooling can slow down production but being able to apply pressure while under heat makes a BIG difference to me.  I prefer to leave the plastic in the oven after oven is off, but continue to apply residual heat and increasing pressure as it slowly cools.

I’ve done molds outside the oven and inside the oven, even with a 4 ton hydraulic press I can’t get as reliable compression outside as I can inside the oven with a 1.5 sissor jack.

Maybe it’s just me or something I am doing, but for me having the pressure while materials are still at full temp is critical.

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