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Packaging/Ordering, Customization


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Packaging/Ordering, Customization

29/10/2014 at 23:37

In the future, when Phonebloks/ Project Ara takes off, the company will need to ensure that all packaging is recyclable and bloks are customizable.Ordering/ Packaging.However, what if you order bloks online? Nowadays, when you order something, you get a large cardboard box, which is fine, except that its filled with either Styrofoam peanuts or plastic bags of air. All Phonebloks packaging should be made to save as much space as possible, and be as recyclable as it can be.No plastics in the shipment containers. Bloks are inserted vertically, making them easier to take out, and saving space.Orders of multiple bloks should be grouped together into one box. For example: if you order a camera module, a powerful speaker, and a battery blok with Qi charging, the shipment center would use a box with three slots in it, they would inset the pieces selected, and send it off to you, along with a brief description on what you purchased on the inside lid of the box. If you order a starter kit, you’d get the baseboard, and the number of bloks you selected. (Note: would the pieces require electrostatic baggies when inside the packaging?) Customization.When ordering bloks, or purchasing them in-store, bloks should have the option of having the case color/design/texture changed. When in store, an employee would take the old case off of the blok, and replace it with the desired one. If the store does not have the blok in the requested packaging, it can be ordered and delivered to their house. Online, the shipment center employees would simply alter the bloks to the desired case, and the pieces would be sent off.Let’s say NVIDIA makes a GPU/CPU blok. It would be available in standard colors, and in limited time NVIDIA colors (Black with lime stripes). On top of that, special NVIDIA recolors of other blok cases would be available for purchase. So during the promotional period, even a standard camera module would be available in NVIDIA colors. This is an excellent opportunity for cross-promotion.So, a Pelican Imaging (array camera) blok would be available in all standard Phoneblok colors, (wood, white, slate, triangle red, etc.) and in special Pelican Imaging colors. (Promotional.) This applies to all modules.(P.S. Hire me as your marketing director.)

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15/11/2014 at 08:57

that’s a great idea for the packaging! you should post some ideas in the marketing & promotion section if you want to become a marketing director 🙂

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