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Parts for a footwear design

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Nicole Alison Taiño nicolealison21

Parts for a footwear design

04/04/2019 at 13:32

Hi! I’m Nicole from Philippines and owner of a startup footwear and accessories brand. I try to use and incorporate upcycled and recycled materials into my products (from product to packaging) as much as possible. I am currently designing for new products and would really love to collaborate.
I am looking for someone who can help me create parts needed for our project.

Thanks in advance!

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04/04/2019 at 16:55

Hi nicolealison21,

It’s good to hear you are looking into this! Footwear is a big market and looking for alternative materials for production can have a big impact.

Can you let us know what type of people you are looking for? What type of help are you needing?

05/04/2019 at 15:30

Hi Louisr,

Thanks for the reply. We’re looking for people who can help us produce block heels for women shoes. We will be needing a few only as our brand produces limited numbers as all are handmade. We’re in a tight budget as of now so building or purchasing the machine is not an option to us.

Our brand will also be participating in an event where we will be showcasing the designs/collection. We’re hoping this can create awareness as well as there will be a lot of people attending the said event.

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