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personal ideas, looking for project

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pixel3d pixel3d

personal ideas, looking for project

24/11/2018 at 08:01

hi, i am pretty late to the party it seems and interest from the public has faded.still the concept is sound so i though i give it my thoughts on it.

the first thing i cant seem to find any technical specification or not any that is unified for the concept, so far apart from ARA every modular phone had specific parts which made a phone more like a laptop with replaceable battery and ram expansion. the phone blocks concept implies swamping modules to change functionality.

the main motherboard actually reminds me allot of a back plane for old computer so maybe its good to get some inspiration from there.

now for my concept which might be lower profile then the current ideas.

1. custom os to handle hot swamping components, this might not be appealing in the world of android/ios dominance but these are not build with modules in mind drivers have to be installed for every component and you need to be able to run with bare minimum meaning not even wireless can be assumed.

2. common interface and protocol, since everything would be on the same bus you need to know whats what even without internet, a common connection and startup handshake to say “hey i am here this is what i do and here is how to send me stuff”. what im thinking is to have a very simple chip do that for every module, running on I2C they can identify the module and send the “driver” to rest of the device. on the connector side i think its best to just grab something of the shelf, a type of fine pitch board-to-board connector.

3. open source hardware. last but not least is this spec and system needs to be open sourced and come from us makers and tinkerers. the phones/computers we build are going to be far slower from the current generations both due to cost of parts and the modular interface will always be slower then a native implementation.

apologies if some of this already has been brought up but i hope i could interest some of you to figure this out

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